The Team Deathmatch mode of Rainbow Six Siege is a fast-paced game. Multiple players fight to get the highest kills in not less than 5 minutes. The most daunting part is that the more you kill, the more opponents you get. So, instead of focusing on killing, you must strive to stay alive.

The game is usually played by two teams of 5 players.

Whichever team gets up to 75 kills or more will be the winner once the timer stops counting. The teams can choose between the operators they prefer, like Smoke from the Defender’s tab or Sledge from the Attacker’s tab.

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Best Tips for Team Deathmatch Mode in R6 Siege

Play the Objective/Aim – Kill All

As the name implies, Team Deathmatch puts a team of 5 players against another section of the same number of players. In the fight, all teams have one aim, to get the highest number of kills. Since this is the main objective of the game mode, your team should not slack, or you’re doomed.

Shoot on sight to take out the enemy team. The required number of kills to win the match is 75 and more before the countdown elapses. Playing the objectives of the TDM is an ideal tip to keep in mind.

However, try not to die. Even though you could get a respawn, staying alive through the match makes it more interesting. You don’t have to miss any part of it.

Buildings, Walls, and Objects Give Cover

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Speaking of staying alive in Team Deathmatch mode, players should always take cover behind buildings, objects, and walls during gunfights. It protects them from getting shot and will also help to sustain their lives as they strive to win.

Whether you land in Villa, Favela, or Theme Park, you’ll always find buildings and objects to hide behind when an opponent is firing at you. On the other hand, you can always stick out your gun from your cover and take out enemies within your range. This is an excellent tip you should never forget.

Aim at Head Height – Give a Precise Headshot

When it comes to being tactical, aiming at head height is one of the best tactics to enhance your aiming skills and accuracy. It also gives precise headshots. When you aim at head height, chances are that your kill time will reduce drastically.

Moreover, shooting an enemy on the head causes them significant damage, unlike when they’re shot on other parts of their body. With not up to 4 bullets, you can down an enemy you shoot at the head. This tip goes a long way in getting more kills in less than no time.

Experiment with Different Operators and Weapons – Be Versatile

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Every time you die in Team Deathmatch mode, you’ll choose a new operator and weapon before you respawn. Make the most of this to experiment with the different operators and weapons available in the inventory tab.

As you try the different operators from both the attackers and defenders, you can find the one that suits your play style. You can also find the right weapon with a fast time to kill. Not only will this help you get more kills, but it will also let you make the most of your gameplay.

Listen for footsteps, check all corners, and move around the map carefully – Be alert.

All players in the game make noises with their footsteps as they move around. Always try to limit the noises that come from your team. That way, you can identify enemy footsteps and gunfire. Also, carefully check all corners and crannies of any building before you enter. You don’t want to get fragged by an opponent hiding under the desk or behind the wall.

Additionally, as you move around the map looking for enemies, exploring opportunities, and having fun, be alert for incoming enemies. Remember, everyone is looking forward to getting the highest number of kills. You don’t want to be an addition to their kill ratio. So, move around carefully on any map.


Rainbow Six Siege and its Team Deathmatch mode can be alluring and suspenseful, especially to new players. However, with these tips, you can win TDM each time you decide to play it.

You must play the objective, take cover, aim at head height, listen, and be versatile with operators and weapons. If you follow these tips, your chances of winning in Team Deathmatch will increase.

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