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Parler is a social media platform that is being used by millions of people for personal discussions, sharing of opinions and views, and building relationships. However, with the recent surge in hate speech on the platform, Parler has faced immense criticism and calls to take action to prevent this type of rhetoric from continuing unchecked.

Parler has created a comprehensive Hate Speech Policy to outline how the platform will monitor and address hate speech violations. This article outlines how the policy allows Parler to effectively enforce its commitment to keeping users safe while they engage in conversations in a safe space on the platform.

At its core, the policy prohibits any language that threatens or incites violence against an individual or a group on any level: physical violence, threats of violence, psychological abuse or discrimination based on race, colour, religion, gender identity or expression or sexual orientation. Furthermore it proscribes any language which would create a hostile environment by demeaning others with hurtful language.

To ensure that users are kept safe from such types of messages beyond simply attempting to filter them out algorithmically – which can sometimes be unreliable- Monitor Group Moderators review flagged posts 24/7 as well as engaging in regular preventative moderating activities such as routine monitoring for patterns of violations as well as monitoring search terms for inappropriate topics or user accounts featuring hate-filled content . The moderators then remove violations according to their best judgement from users who have either not taken responsibility for their comments or removed offending posts after they have been alerted by moderating staff. In addition, each user’s account can be muted if they fail to comply.

Finally Parler also implements an escalating system whereby repeated offenders face further repercussions ranging from temporarily suspending access privileges right up to having their account permanently deleted outright – depending on the severity and recurrence of violations detected by moderating staff monitoring the platform’s discussion forums.

Parler Will be Hate Speech–Free on iOS Only

Parler is a social network that emphasises free speech. To protect its users from hate speech, Parler has announced a policy of only allowing hate speech–free content on its iOS app.

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This article will examine how Parler plans to enforce its hate speech policy.

What is Considered Hate Speech

Parler is committed to creating an open exchange of ideas among its users. But we also recognize that hate speech is not appropriate. Therefore, we have created a policy to identify what constitutes hate speech and to ensure platform users are held accountable for any statements or actions that violate our policy and terms of service.

Hate speech on the Parler platform includes any content that incites violence, attacks, harasses, discriminates against, degrades or intimidates individuals or groups based on their race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, country of origin/ancestry and/or other protected classifications as outlined by US law. In addition, content involving threats of bodily harm or criminality is strictly prohibited.

We also strictly prohibit posts with symbols commonly associated with white supremacy organisations such as Ku Klux Klan imagery and Nazi swastikas. Any Member Code posted on Parler which limits access based on protected classifications listed above is also prohibited. We understand it is particularly important for us to protect the safety and privacy of marginalised communities who are more vulnerable targets for hate speech and other forms of discrimination on digital platforms like ours.

How Will Parler Enforce its Policy

Parler has stated that it will use various tools to enforce its ban on hate speech. For example, it plans to use machine learning and trained volunteer moderators to identify and take action against potential hate speech postings.

Machine learning will review incoming posts for phrases, symbols, context and images that might indicate hate speech. The process uses algorithms and data sets designed to help recognize patterns that could be classified as such. Parler also plans to utilise its custom review system for posts flagged by the public.

The second tool Parler uses is volunteer moderators who will investigate any posts reported as containing potential hate speech content. These volunteers have been trained to understand the nuances of hate speech and are tasked with investigating suspicious postings throughout the community. This way, Parler can quickly address offending posts before they cause damage to individuals or groups within the community.

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Additionally, Parler will be employing external experts in toxic content moderation for additional review of flagged comments or posts that appear likely to violate their policy on hate speech. This team of experts focuses solely on responding quickly and comprehensively when harmful or potentially dangerous material is posted on their platform—providing important oversight into identifying and mitigating potential threats while highlighting cautionary warnings if appropriate to create further community awareness.

Parler’s Strategy for iOS

Parler, the popular social media platform, vows to make its platform hate speech-free on iOS devices. In addition, Parler has developed a strategy for monitoring and moderating such speech on its platform for Apple users.

The strategy involves policies, enforcement, and appeals processes to ensure users are free to engage on their platform positively and respectfully. This article will cover Parler’s strategy for ensuring a hate speech-free experience on iOS devices.

Parler’s Moderation Process

Parler is a social media platform with a largely unregulated user-driven content and hate speech policy. The platform hopes to provide an alternative to current market leaders with more granular control over what users see. To that end, it has developed a moderation process to keep offensive material off the platform.

Parler’s moderation process relies on its user base for flagging and reporting content that violates its policy. Parler has staff members who review posts tagged by other users and take appropriate action, such as removing or suspending them based on the flagged content. It also employs automated tools, such as keyword detection, hash linked lists and machine learning algorithms, to detect abusive language and instantly remove or suspend content.

Additionally, Parler allows users to converse privately in message threads called chats, bypassing the public feed for conversations that may be inappropriate for public discourse. Every chat message must be approved before it can be sent, adding an extra layer of security against unwanted material. A chat thread moderator can approve each submitted message manually or automatically using certain criteria set by the user, providing another safeguard against hate speech entering the platform via private conversations.

Ultimately, whether through manual reviews by trained staff or AI technology supplements scanning for keywords and other data points related to hate speech policies, Parler aims to create an open environment while still enforcing clear standards of conduct around acceptable discourse within its network of users.

Parler’s Commitment to Apple’s App Store Guidelines

Parler’s commitment to Apple’s App Store Guidelines is reiterated in its recent announcement that they have implemented a comprehensive system to detect and flag prohibited content, such as promoting violence and hate speech.

Apple requires app developers to take proactive steps to protect their users and foster an environment of trust and safety.

Parler revealed that their enforcement processes centre around dedicated internal teams and an algorithmically, rule-based system to evaluate potential violations of the specified App Store policies. These monitoring techniques enable Parler staff with the necessary tools to quickly identify any potential sources of inappropriate content within the application.

In particular, Parler has emphasised its intent to strictly adhere to the App Store Guidelines prohibiting the propagation of hate speech and violent rhetoric by implementing a robust set of safeguards which monitor incoming user posts for any content that could be deemed in violation within those policies.

Parler established a two-step process for all incoming user content to ensure proper enforcement and implementation. Initially, an automated screening process filters out unacceptable language or behaviour based on predetermined criteria – preventing these posts from being immediately visible until human intervention is required.

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Suppose this algorithm believes it has identified potentially problematic content requiring attention. In that case, it then alerts an internal team member who will ensure that it complies with both Apple’s standards before deciding whether or not it should be posted.

Parler’s Strategy for Android

Parler, the social media platform, is committed to creating a hate speech-free platform. To do this, they have announced plans to enforce their hate speech policy to ensure their platform is free from offensive content. This article will discuss how Parler plans to enforce this policy for Android users, since iOS users are more easily monitored.

This article will look into Parler’s strategy to ensure hate speech-free content on their platform.

Parler’s Moderation Process

Parler’s moderation process is designed to ensure its content is free from malicious, illegal and harmful content while allowing community members to share their ideas freely. Parler employs an automated system based on artificial intelligence (AI) and human moderation teams who monitor posts and user accounts. Posts marked as containing hate speech or other inappropriate content will be removed and the user could face further action, such as account suspension, depending on the severity of the offence.

The moderation team will review content flagged for hate speech or inappropriate material within 24 hours. Moderators will review each post individually and can access all data related to a post to make an informed decision about whether it should be allowed on the platform or taken down. If a flagged post is found to contain inappropriate material, it will be removed immediately without warning. In addition, users violating these rules may face consequences up to account termination without notice or explanation at Parler’s sole discretion.

In addition, Parler also has a flagging system that allows community members to report any content they find objectionable or violates the company’s rules of conduct. Reports are reviewed by moderators who can take further action, such as issuing warnings or account suspensions if necessary.

Using AI-based automation and human oversight, Parler aims to become one of the most secure social platforms for free expression where every user feels safe from malicious behaviour.

Parler’s Commitment to Google Play Store Guidelines

Parler has recently announced that to meet Google Play Store’s guidelines for hate speech, they will be implementing a comprehensive policy and procedure for reviewing content and flagging any posts that are found to be in violation.

According to their announcement, Parler aims to proactively tackle hate speech within their community by providing clear distinctions between acceptable versus prohibited content.

To ensure compliance with the Google Play Store’s guidelines, Parler has hired experts in content review and moderation who will ensure all posts remain within their Acceptable Use Policy draft, which outlines what is and is not considered appropriate language on the platform. In addition to these experts, Parler is also enlisting its users as “Content Monitors” to identify offensive material meant to incite or harass community members and any posts deemed inaccurate or false.

Once a post has been identified by a Content Monitor or flagged by an expert reviewer as violating the Acceptable Use Policy, Parler will take steps necessary to remove it from the platform including issuing warnings and suspensions when appropriate. With these plans in place, Parler is committed to setting a standard for user-generated content regardless of whether it remains on Google Play Store or another app store platform.


In conclusion, Parler’s hate speech policy is robust in that it covers all illegal activities related to promoting hatred or discrimination based upon race, religion, gender, physical abilities or sexual orientation. In addition, the platform ensures that offending language and posts are removed swiftly.

Parler has enhanced the enforcement by introducing an automated filter and a human review team. They are also leveraging AI models to keep a check on user data. Furthermore, they have put in place stringent measures to ensure users remain compliant with regulations by suspending accounts of violators and holding them liable as appropriate.

By taking a proactive stance towards hate speech, Parler aims to be a safe place for users to express their thoughts without fear of repercussions due to their political views or other expressed beliefs.

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