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Steam recently released a new handheld gaming PC that could offer gamers a revolutionary gaming experience. With its portable design and powerful specs, this device has taken the gaming world by storm and left gamers wondering – is it worth investing in?

In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of the new handheld gaming PC from Steam to help you decide whether or not you should purchase it.

Definition of a Handheld Gaming PC

A Handheld Gaming PC (HGP) is a portable device, powered by a custom gaming processor, designed to run the same games and software applications as traditional desktop PCs. An HGP combines the form factor of a smartphone or tablet with the processing power of a home computer. It usually has a dedicated graphics processor and operating system, allowing for powerful gaming experiences in an easy-to-carry factor.

Some handheld gaming PCs have built-in game controllers that allow you to use the device without relying on an external controller or keyboard and mouse setup. Though they can be attached to monitors or computers via HDMI cables, their portability makes them ideal for users who want to take their gaming on the go – perfect for commuters from game night gatherings.

New Handheld Gaming PC From Steam

The new handheld gaming PC from Steam is designed to allow gamers to enjoy their favourite titles anytime and anywhere. It has the same level of performance as a full-sized gaming computer, but it is lightweight and compact enough to easily carry with you. The device comes pre-loaded with a select collection of popular games, and the Steam store offers access to hundreds more titles for purchase. Whether a casual gamer or an experienced digital warrior, the handheld gaming PC from Steam offers something for everyone.

This device features some modern hardware, such as:

  • An Intel Atom Z3745 Quad-Core processor.
  • An 8-inch HD display with a crisp 1280×800 resolution so you can view games clearly while on the go.
  • 8GB RAM ensures smooth performance while playing your favourite titles.
  • 32GB internal storage allows you to save up to 250 apps and games.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 technology so you can pair it up with your favourite accessories wirelessly.
  • A 5MP front camera is perfect for video chatting and taking pictures on your adventures.

All in all, this new handheld gaming PC from Steam provides incredible power in a portable package!

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Steam’s new handheld gaming PC has many features that make it an attractive option for gamers. It has an impressive hardware setup and can run most games with ease. It also has a great battery life and portability, making it ideal for gamers who need to take it on trips. Furthermore, its ability to support streaming services makes it a great device for travelling gamers.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the pros of the new handheld gaming PC from Steam:

High Performance

Steam’s new handheld gaming PC is powered by the latest 10th Generation Intel Core i7 processor, offering exceptional performance and capabilities. With maximum frequencies up to 4.2 GHz1 and four cores, the laptop can easily handle complex tasks.

It also comes with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti dedicated graphics card, giving you ultra-smooth gaming performance even at higher resolutions. So whether playing games or completing creative projects such as photo or video editing, this computer delivers a powerful punch for creating amazing results quickly and efficiently.

Easy to Use

Steam’s newest handheld gaming PC features a user-friendly touchscreen interface, allowing users to easily play and navigate their games. In addition, the device comes with intuitive controls and powerful processors, designed to make the gaming experience with all games including unblocked games easy and convenient for anyone unfamiliar with computers. 

Thanks to its relatively small size, this device can easily be transported wherever gamers want, offering added convenience. In addition, the Steam controller is included in the package allowing users to get used to the controller much faster than they would have with a conventional desktop gaming platform.

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Steam’s new handheld gaming PC is incredibly portable, which could be a large source of its appeal. It weighs less than three pounds and is about the size of a Nintendo Switch, making it easy to slip into any backpack or bag for on-the-go gaming sessions.

The device only has one USB Cord-C connection for use as an external port and lacks an HDMI port, but there is no doubt that the portability of this device means it can accompany you anywhere. Additionally, its five-hour battery life will enable you to enjoy laptop-level gaming without worrying about plugging in your device.


When it comes to the new handheld gaming PC from Steam, there are quite a few cons to consider:

  • Firstly, the price tag of this new device is very high and may not be advisable for those on a tight budget.
  • Additionally, some users have reported that the system can be quite slow and laggy, which could lead to an inconsistent gaming experience.
  • Finally, due to its small form factor, the device might not be suitable for gaming genres that involve complicated controls.


The price is one of the biggest cons of buying a new handheld gaming PC from Steam. With its latest technology, this type of powerful device typically runs at a high cost. Although it arrives ready-to-play and you have access to the huge library of over 30,000 games already in existence for PC gamers, it is still a considerable investment.

In addition to the up-front costs, players may find extra expenses to increase performance or customise their machines down the road. From extra storage or better processors to enhanced graphics cards and other components, users can easily spend more money than they anticipated when purchasing their device.

Even with monthly payment plans or financing options available for certain Steam devices, affordability can remain an issue for budget conscious gamers. Before taking the plunge and purchasing a new handheld gaming PC from Steam, buyers should make sure that they have calculated all potential additional costs associated with ownership beforehand:

  • Extra storage
  • Better processors
  • Enhanced graphics cards
  • Other components
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Limited Battery Life

One of the most notable drawbacks of the new handheld gaming PC from Steam is its limited battery life. Even on ‘high performance’ mode, the maximum duration achieved is around 4-5 hours, depending on how graphics-intensive your game is. This limit can be quite restrictive for long gaming sessions or games requiring frequent saving and loading.

Furthermore, some users have reported that even after this short time, the device does tend to heat up significantly beyond comfortable levels.

Limited Game Selection

When playing table games at a land-based casino, the selection of tables can be limited and certain games may be unavailable due to crowds or lack of staffing. In these situations, players can wait for their desired game or choose a different game type to play. Also, betting limits at some tables may exceed a player’s willingness to wager.

Online casinos offer a greater variety of games than available in land-based casinos. Due to the technology behind them, online providers can offer more variations and game types than any physical casino would have room for. Players also have access to betting limits that suit their own budget, no matter how small or large. Table games at online casinos also generally have lower house edge odds than physical casinos. The ease with which they can be accessed means they are more convenient options for gaming.

Summary of Pros and Cons

Steam’s new handheld gaming PC is a powerful device capable of providing a high-quality gaming experience. Still, it’s important to consider the pros and cons before purchasing.

Pros include the light weight, compact design, and ease of play with Steam’s built-in game library and store. Additionally, it has an assortment of ports connecting different peripherals and accessories. Using Steam’s OS also means that a wide variety of games are already available on the system – no need to buy extra games or wait for downloads.

On the other hand, some people may find the cost too high given its limited capabilities compared to desktops or other gaming PCs. Additionally, while multiple ports are available for connecting accessories, graphics cards outside the ones provided by Steam aren’t compatible with this model (although other models may have better support). Finally, this model doesn’t have access to many streaming services – so if you’re looking for something that can stream Netflix or Hulu, it may be best to look elsewhere.

In conclusion, whether or not the new handheld gaming PC from steam is worth it depends entirely on your specific needs and requirements; if you want a device primarily focused on playing video games then this could be an excellent choice as it offers good value while giving you access to a wide range of titles at your fingertips. However, if streaming content or performing more intensive tasks outside of gaming such as 3D rendering are important considerations then it might be best to look at other options first.

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