Looking to liven up your holiday gatherings? Here are some of our favorite PC party games that’ll make for a great time.

The “best party games pc free” is a category that has many options. The best option for the holidays would be to play some of your favorite PC party games like “Mario Party.”

Best PC party games for the holidays

With thousands upon thousands of games available on Steam alone, finding the ideal party games this Christmas season might be difficult. Thankfully, we’ve put up a list of five fantastic titles to keep your family and friends occupied.

Party Packs from Jackbox

1627665742_780_Best-multiplayer-horror-gamesImage courtesy of Jackbox Games

It’s in its name, so it should come as no surprise, but The Jackbox Party Packs provide an incredible range of games to pick from, with the most of them being intricately crafted. It takes the conventional clichés of trivia games and other tabletop genres and turns them upside down. You Don’t Know Jack and Trivia Murder Party, for example, offer unconventional questions that will put your mind to the test and operate as a game show. Meanwhile, Quiplash requires you to come up with the most ludicrous response to a prompt given by the game, resulting in a lot of laughter. The nicest part about this series is that the games are completely controlled by mobile phones, which are the most extensively used devices on the globe. This has previously been a smash at a family gathering, so give them a try. We’ve rated them all so you can figure out which one to acquire first.

Blaze of the Lethal League

Best-PC-party-games-for-the-holidaysImage courtesy of Team Reptile

Do you want your party to be filled with thrills and excitement? Put on the Lethal League Blaze costume. It’s a platformer/dodgeball mix in which you throw a dodgeball back and forth until only one person lives. The motion becomes quicker with each successive stroke of the ball. Because the ball may travel at dizzying speeds, your response time must be razor-sharp. The spectators will be perplexed as they see two of the game’s most proficient players go back and forth like a brilliant tennis volley between Sharapova and Williams. Lethal League Blaze will be a certain success for a gaming party when you combine the fantastic graphic book graphical style with a thumping music. “There’s Nothing Like A Funky Beat,” as the song goes.

Pummel Bash

1640213477_961_Best-PC-party-games-for-the-holidaysRebuilt Games provided this image.

Do you wish you could play Mario Party on your computer? The only lawful method to do so is to play Pummel Party, but be warned: this interpretation is rife with violence. It offers a delightful collection of mini-games to play with up to eight people online and four local buddies that will make you hate your loved ones by the end of it (in the best way). There’s also a board, much as in previous Mario Party games. Because chance is a big part of these skill-based games, it’s accessible to both gamers and non-gamers. In addition, you can anticipate a lot of variation from the game.

Samurai Gunn 2 is a sequel to Samurai Gunn.

1640213478_105_Best-PC-party-games-for-the-holidaysSCRAMBLER and Peow Studio contributed to this image.

With Samurai Gunn 2, we’ll take a look at the fighting game genre. Samurai Gunn 2 is one of our favorite fighting games of 2021, with rapid action and challenging platforming that will pump up your pulse. Samurai Gunn 2 has only one hit kills, similar to the Bushido Blade series, keeping you on the edge of your seat as you dodge, leap, fire, and slice your way to victory. It’s exhilarating to watch as each of you wins a round by a hair’s breadth. This is likely to be a gamer’s only event, but if you have some friends visiting for the holidays, we strongly suggest it.

Horse of the Ultimate Chicken

1640213478_925_Best-PC-party-games-for-the-holidaysClever Endeavour Games provided this image.

Ultimate Chicken Horse will have you in stitches by the time you’ve finished it. It’s funnier than most stand-up comedians on a Friday night. All four players leave traps and strive to make it to the finish of the level in this humorous platforming game. It gets crazier when your characters die in horrifying yet hilarious ways one by one. The trick is that your traps may prevent you from completing the level, so you’ll have to use all of your platforming talents to get to the finish. The circumstances you’ll find yourself in in this game will make you chuckle. For example, you may hook a revolving saw with honey to a moving conveyor belt while a hockey puck is making its way towards the players, as seen in the image above. For you and your visitors, it’s ludicrous, wacky, and downright amusing.


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