As the holidays approach, retailers are making their way to crowded malls and parking lots. While some may focus on finding deals during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, others might be looking for something they haven’t seen before: a gaming deal. Whether it’s an Xbox One S bundle with four games or an organic cotton t-shirt that says “I’m #1” across its front in big letters, we’ve highlighted 10 of our favorite deals today.

The “black friday gaming pc deals 2021” is a list of the best Cyber Monday deals in gaming. The article includes links to the top gaming retailers and the best PC hardware for sale on Black Friday.

The Best Cyber Monday Deals in Gaming

The Best Cyber Monday Deals in Gaming

Everyone knows that Cyber Monday is one of the finest times of the year for online shopping. It’s a terrific chance for gamers to get their hands on some of the titles that have been on their wish lists. Thankfully, the major digital retailers provide a diverse selection of offers that span almost every genre conceivable. Below, we’ll go through some of the finest Cyber Monday gaming discounts.

You can check in on a few stores depending on your platform of choice, including ones that aren’t on our list. We’re sorry, but we can only cover so much! We’ll look at discounts from Ubisoft, EA, Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Store, as well as Amazon. If your relatives or friends are looking for present ideas for you, please forward this list to them.

The Best Cyber Monday Gaming Deals


Ubisoft is offering up to 80% off various titles, plus an additional 20% discount with the code CYBER20 on select purchases. Here’s a rundown of some of the best Ubisoft offers:

  • $44.99 for Riders Republic
  • Valhalla Gold Edition of Assassin’s Creed: $49.99
  • $54.99 for Anno 1800 Complete Edition
  • $49.79 for Far Cry 6.
  • $40.00 Immortals Fenyx Rising Gold Edition
  • $9.90 for Rainbow Six Siege Deluxe Edition
  • $39.60 for Watch Dogs Legion Ultimate Edition
  • $14.00 for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint Deluxe Edition


EA offers a large choice of games on sale for up to 88 percent discount, which started on Black Friday and will continue through Cyber Monday. Among the titles are:

  • $35.99 for FIFA 22
  • $4.99 for The Sims 5.
  • Madden 22 costs $29.99.
  • $14.79 STAR WARS Jedi Fallen Order
  • $34.79 for the Legendary Edition of Mass Effect
  • $24.79 for two people
  • $27.99 for Apex Legends Champions Edition
  • Titanfall 2 is available for $6.99.
  • $14.79 for STAR WARS Squadrons
  • STAR WARS Battlefront II is available for $4.99.
  • Need for Speed Payback is available for $4.99.
  • Heat: Need for Speed: $14.99


Steam is having its annual Autumn Sale, which includes a variety of game discounts. There are some hard-to-pass-up indies, as well as discounts of up to 70% on big-name titles like The Elder Scrolls Online, Destiny 2, Valheim, and others. The following are some of the finest bargains:

  • $38.99 for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy
  • $41.99 for Psychonauts 2.
  • $17.99 for Death Stranding
  • $14.99 for DOOM Eternal
  • $14.99 for the Outer Wilds
  • $29.99 for Resident Evil Village

Epic Games are a series of video games that are

This Cyber Monday, Spectacular Games is offering some of its own epic offers. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • $39.99 HUMANKIND
  • Aftermath of World War Z: $29.99
  • $11.99 for Conan Exiles
  • $29.99 for Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • $23.99 for HITMAN 3.
  • $26.99 for Darkest Dungeon II
  • $14.99 for Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition
  • Valhalla: Assassin’s Creed: $29.99
  • Breakpoint in Ghost Recon: Ghost Recon: Ghost Recon: Ghost Recon: Ghost Recon:
  • $22.99 for MechWarriors 5.
  • $31.99 for Chivalry 2.
  • $29.99 for Cyberpunk 2077
  • $14.99 for the Outer Wilds


We didn’t forget about you, console gamers. Select Xbox games are up to 67 percent discounted during Cyber Week. Some of the best Xbox Cyber Week bargains are as follows:

  • $1.00 for Xbox Game Pass on PC
  • $1.00 for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
  • Far Cry 6 costs $40.19.
  • $29.99 for NBA 2K22 (Xbox One).
  • $35.99 for FIFA 22 (Xbox One).
  • $29.99 for Madden 22 (Xbox One).
  • $19.79 for Forza Horizon 4.
  • $40.19 for Riders Republic
  • $41.99 for Back 4 Blood $29.99 for Resident Evil Village
  • $41.99 for Tales of Arise
  • $24.99 for Destiny 2 Beyond Light plus the Season Pass
  • $8.99 for MLB The Show 21 (Xbox One).
  • $29.99 for Cyberpunk 2077
  • Premium Edition of Grand Theft Auto V and Megalodon Shark Card Bundle: $35.99


This Cyber Monday, the PlayStation Store offers some incredible bargains for PlayStation players. The following are a few of our top picks:

  • $48.99 for FIFA 22 (PS5)
  • $35.99 for FIFA 22 (PS4)
  • $41.99 for Back 4 Blood
  • Far Cry 6 costs $40.19.
  • $34.99 for NBA 2K22 (PS5)
  • $29.99 for NBA 2K22 (PS4)
  • $41.99 for Madden 22 (PS5)
  • Madden 22 (PS4) is available for $29.99.
  • $38.99 for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy
  • $40.19 for Riders Republic
  • Tsushima’s Ghost: $40.19
  • Standard Edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops II: Cold War: $29.99
  • $29.99 DEATHLOOP
  • $41.99 for Tales of Arise
  • Diablo II Resurrected is available for $29.99.


  • $24.00 for The Outer Worlds
  • $10.00 for The Crew 2 on Xbox One.
  • Samsung Monitors are on sale for 46% off.
  • Samsung Tablets are on sale for 19% off.
  • A 12-month subscription to PlayStation Plus is discounted by 33%.
  • 40 percent off Logitech Gaming Accessories
  • Graphics Cards: Save $90 on a variety of GPUs.

In terms of Amazon bargains, there’s just too much to discuss. For time-sensitive or supply-limited discounts, go to the Cyber Monday computer & video games area.

We get no compensation for any of these links. We’re just here to assist you.

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The “cyber monday gaming pc deals amazon” is a list of the best cyber Monday deals in gaming. The list includes some of the top games out there, as well as some great discounts on PC hardware.

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