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Mage Tower

In response to the requests of many players, Blizzard has returned the Tower of Mages to the world of Azeroth – as a challenge for players that allows you to get unique rewards and achievements by completing tasks for different characters.

You will need to complete challenges for all classes to get unique rewards or order Mage tower boost to get all the achievements in the foreseeable future after the update is added to World of Warcraft Dragonflight.

Each class must complete its challenge to earn rewards and achievement systems.

The reward will be a transmog set and the ability to start collecting achievements.

Special rewards and achievements will be for those players who upgrade different classes and pass the test on each.

Gradually, you will be able to open all kinds of achievements if you make an effort and prepare each character for it.

This practice will also be useful for understanding the general mechanics of World of Warcraft. As you play each class, you’ll get a better idea of what play style you like and perhaps finally decide on the final main course.


Professions serve as one of the most popular mechanics for earning gold and enhancing character with equipment and weapons, with the prospect of creating useful materials for other players and the server economy as a whole.

Gathering Professions

If you decide to engage in exclusively gathering professions, that is, to extract materials, without which artisans will be unable to work and produce new goods and tools.

Gathering professions are mining, gathering herbs and plants, skinning, and fishing.


Mining – buy a pickaxe and go to the highlands to find rocks. By mining ore, you will have a chance to get gems that can be sold to jewelers for a good reward. The ore will be used in blacksmithing, and you need this profession if you are engaged in the creation of metal objects.

Gathering herbs and plants is the simplest and most efficient gathering profession. Throughout the world of Azeroth, there are many herbs and flowers that can be harvested – these are not always obvious places and types, but the collection does not require a special tool but is used in alchemy and first aid.

Skinning – Requires a carving knife and is limited to slaughtered wildlife only. When you kill animals, you can collect their skins to convert them into leather, which is needed for all the elements of light, leather armor, and various leather tools, such as loot bags or crafting kits.

Fishing is a separate profession that requires only a fishing rod. Fish can be delivered to cooks. The main advantage of fishing is its complete autonomy – this profession does not require a profession slot and can be mastered in any case without any obligations. The cook can take good fish and cook delicacies with a strong increase in stats and duration.

Craft Professions

With the Dragonflight update, professions for creating various items have found a second life and a huge relief in pumping.

Now, players can create orders to create items and apply resources and rewards, while artisans simply complete orders if they have enough experience and get profession skill leveling.


Blacksmithing – create armor and weapons from steel and various tools for representatives of other professions. After skill level 25, you will be able to choose a specialization that will narrow down the range of items that you can do better than other players, but also the more your items will cost. New characteristics of the profession will also affect the quality.

Leatherworking – use harvested hides to turn them into leather and create light armor. Leather armor is in demand by archers, hunters, and daggers. In addition to combat equipment, it is also used to create wallets and bags to expand inventory and increase the level of capacity.

Tailoring is a profession that does not require special skills or additional professions to provide. Just kill monsters and collect rag materials, which are then converted into threads and fabrics to create rag-magical equipment for magicians and healers.

Jewelcrafting – uses gems to create jewelry with additional characteristics that will protect the character from magical attacks and enhance the main characteristics.

Flying on Dragons

Dragon Flight is a new piece of content that has been implemented in the Dragonflight update.

After passing all the new islands and studying the storyline, you will get the opportunity to tame your own dragon.

You can choose your pet from one of the four types that you will meet in the process of passing through each of the islands.


You can tame a fire, ice, wind, and earth dragon.

Flights, aerobatics, and dragon hunting will be available to you.

Along with the frequency of flights, skills will also grow, which will complicate the process of knocking out of the saddle during flights and the possibility of a full-fledged attack in the air and on the ground.

The main advantage of the new mechanics is a significant reduction in the time for movement and the addition of new mechanics, which makes it possible to fly freely to any place on the map. Such a system has replaced static and scripted movements that cannot be adjusted, and you just need to wait for the end of the flight – now everything is free.

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