When a player comes to an updated or completely new dark fantasy RPG world from Blizzard, the question arises about the main character, who will go through all the stages of the adventure and contribute to the development of servers.

Diablo has always been built on the canons of travel, the extermination of hordes of evil and demons, helping local NPCs and global creatures, and just adventures that always lead into the thick of battles with a chance to die from the slightest negligence.

You have to go through the game several times with a constant increase in the level of difficulty, but also with an increase in the value of items that will be obtained from monsters and world bosses, at the end of the test, all players will compete with each other for the right to be considered the strongest player on the Blizzard server.

In total, there are 5 classes in Diablo 4 that are available at the moment, but in the future, their number will most likely be increased, as it happened in all previous parts of Diablo.

You can level up on your own, comprehending acts and participating in all events and spontaneous adventures since each class has the potential to solve such problems – some are faster, some are slower, but all characters are capable of defeating single and group opponents.

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Parsing Classes and Their Advantages Over Each Other

Demon Hunter

This is a representative of classes that use physical and magical damage and can fight both in close contact and from a long distance with the help of bows and crossbows.


For those players who are familiar with the previous parts of the Diablo series, the hero will not be a novelty since he is a mixture of the Amazon and the Assassin, but now the player does not need to choose one of the two classes, now it is enough to choose one hero and set the development path – if necessary, you can choose immediately two directions, but then you need to accumulate two types of opposite equipment and weapons.

Path of the Archer

This is a choice of ranged weapons, magic and ordinary arrows, massive shelling of territories, and fighting at a safe distance.

You can shoot with a bow or abralet – the projectiles will be different, and the crossbow will always do more damage due to the reduced shot speed.

On the contrary, the bow shoots faster but has reduced damage.

In fact, attack speed can determine more usefulness than strength since, in one line of time, you can fire several more projectiles, which a priori will overtake a slower but more powerful type of weapon.

The more actions you do per unit of time, the faster you clear the location and be safe from hordes of monsters that will always attack your character.

Physical arrows will be good for AoE damage, and top quivers will also give a bonus to stats, and magic arrows will attack quickly and pass through the enemy in the future and will not spend projectiles on attacks.

Path of the Dagger

A master of close combat with explosive AoE and single damage, who feels comfortable in the very epicenter of the battle due to high dodge.

The dagger is always in greater danger due to the large number of monsters with explosive damage when in contact with the target.


One of the most powerful and interesting classes that combines huge damage and weak physical defense.

The class uses mana as a resource to cast their spells, which are chosen from three key schools of magic – fire, ice, and lightning.

Fire has a lot of damage and applies an additional burning effect that inflicts burns in addition to the main damage.


Ice applies a freezing and icing effect that will slow down enemies, reduce their attack speed, and completely block their movement.

Lightning deals the most serious magical damage that occurs randomly between 1 and the maximum available per level.

You need to constantly maintain positioning during your attacks so as not to die from a large group of monsters that are guaranteed to kill the caster if they manage to get to him.

You need to constantly monitor and use attacking and passive skills to regenerate mana and not lose it unnecessarily – without this resource, the magician will simply be incapable of combat.


A strong melee hero who likes to be in the middle of battles.

Uses a rage stat that boosts all of his skills and allows him to use the Berserk skill, which greatly boosts the Barbarian’s damage, mobility, and attack speed for a short period of time.

The main advantage of the barbarian is the ability to control the outcome of the battle by controlling a large number of enemies and the talent to use absolutely any weapon that he can get in battle or buy.

The most specialized types of weapons are swords and maces. Due to enemy attacks, you can also accelerate the combat potential of each weapon, increasing it by 10%.

The task of the barbarian is to be in the thick of things, use skills that disorientate opponents and deal damage under the berserk effect, and survive the main attacks until he is fully restored.


Another representative of magical classes with an emphasis on the power of darkness and the ability to create your own army of the dead by disposing of the essence and corpses.

Depending on the reserves of resources, you will be able to raise a large army that will fight on your side.

You will be able to summon skeletons, golems, and liches to replace killed opponents and use units that will automatically attack enemies in melee or using magic.

Creatures do not need an order to attack, and they will damage all enemies around – you will need to make sure that your caster does not die and summon new dead in a timely manner to strengthen your army and replace the fallen.


An analog of a necromancer who serves the forces of good and nature.

Instead of the dead, the druid calls the living – the animals and spirits of the forest, who gather in a small army and fight opponents on the same principle.

You can change your appearance, turning into a bear and a wolf.

The bear will be strong and enduring but slow and clumsy, while the wolf, on the contrary, is fast and agile but not very strong in terms of attack.

The main resource is the power of the spirits, which accumulates when using special skills and regenerates from inactivity.

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