Losing weight is much easier if you have a personal assistant in your pocket – a smartphone with a convenient application. Sport is good for your body, but for your soul and entertainment, you can visit Canadian online casino Play Amo. These apps from the list below are recognized as the best among those who lost weight with their help.

If you want to lose weight or gain weight, then below we will present you with the best iPhone apps that will help you with this. Well, let’s get started!

Calorie Counter Apps

In order to lose excess weight, you need to spend more calories than comes with food; all diets are based on this principle. To maintain balance, it is important to count the calories from each piece of food, as well as energy consumption for training and other physical activities. You only need to weigh the food, and the apps will do the rest for you.


If you have never used weight loss apps before, then start with FatSecret; it has a very simple and accessible interface. The calculator will calculate the consumption of calories, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. There is a huge database of products and dishes available for free; in it, you will find not only popular recipes but also dishes from many restaurants. You will find out the amount of sugar in your favorite foods and dishes from them, the content of fiber, cholesterol, and even sodium. With one simple action, you can view your food statistics for the day and for the week. The application also performs an approximate calculation of calorie consumption; by choosing one of the types of activity and the time spent on it, the application will show the approximate number of calories spent.

However, do not forget that accurate calculation of calorie consumption is possible only if there is a heart rate monitor.


One of the world leaders among mobile weight loss assistants calculates the number of calories, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in food. The product database is updated every day; at the moment, there are more than six million items in it.


The MyFitnessPal application will be especially appreciated by those people who often travel around the world. There are products in the database that are rarely found in Russia but are very popular in other countries. In the same application, you can keep a training diary, choosing from the available exercises or adding your own.

Workout Diaries for Weight Loss Apps

Weight loss workouts involve tracking progress; otherwise, they will be meaningless. It is very inconvenient to write the results in a notebook; besides, paper media is not always at hand. Smartphone apps are a great alternative to conservative paper diaries.


It offers circular seven-minute weight loss workouts that affect all major muscle groups, thereby triggering active fat-burning processes. Seven minutes is the minimum duration of the lesson; it can be studied for any time up to an hour. To perform the exercises, you will not need such equipment that you will not be able to find at home. The technique of performing the exercises is clearly depicted in the drawings; many of them will seem very simple, but when performing, this misconception will be dispelled.


Users of the free version of Seven will be able to train according to ready-made training programs; the possibilities of the paid version are wider, and it allows you to do your own weight loss workouts.


All the features of this application are available for free, including the creation of personal training sessions. Add to your classes any of the 160 exercises in the database, add to them a warm-up and a hitch, elements from yoga, stretching exercises, and other important elements for weight loss. The Sworkit app will become a personal trainer that will turn ordinary home classes into effective weight loss complexes.


Use ready-made weight loss programs or add your own. Add the weight of the shells, the number of repetitions and approaches, and mark your successes and the number of kilograms thrown off. Create a program for the weeks ahead with a few simple steps.

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