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HR Acuity is a leading provider of software solutions for managing workplace issues. The company recently secured $47M in funding to expand its offerings and further develop its technology.

In this article, we’ll look at how technology can help improve HR processes, foster a better workplace culture, and prevent any future legal problems.

Overview of HR Acuity

HR Acuity, an employee centric software company, is leading the way in providing tools to help organizations manage their workplaces. Their technology allows employers to track and manage various workplace issues ranging from legal compliance to employee engagement. Representatives from HR Acuity’s mission statement make it clear that the goal of their technology is to improve how businesses handle their human resources operations and create a better environment for employees.

HR Acuity’s platform offers some features designed to assist employers in tracking and managing workplace issues. These features include automated issue tracking, real-time analysis of data collected from surveys and other sources, and integrated solutions for managing communication between team members. Additionally, the technology provides comprehensive reporting capabilities that allow companies to make informed decisions regarding the changes needed to best meet their workers’ needs.

By leveraging cutting-edge tools that give powerful insights into how employers handle various workplace issues and how they can be improved upon, HR Acuity’s platform helps businesses monitor performance on an ongoing basis and thus accurately address any issues through targeted solutions. This system has been widely adopted by Fortune 500 companies spanning multiple industries as illustrated by the recent $47M Series B funding round they completed in summer 2020 – further evidence of its appeal amongst key leaders in market-savvy organizations worldwide.

Benefits of HR Acuity

HR Acuity is a technology-driven solution that helps organizations worldwide track, manage and resolve workplace issues. Organizations can benefit from its sophisticated algorithms, customizable reports, and intuitive user interface to ensure effective and efficient management processes.

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Moreover, HR Acuity has recently raised $47M in funding, which will help expand its capabilities even further. In this section, we’ll explore some key benefits organizations can enjoy when using HR Acuity’s technology.

Streamlined employee onboarding process

HR Acuity’s technology is designed to streamline the employee onboarding process. Leveraging HR insights and workflow automation eliminates the time-consuming and manual process of creating employee profiles and gathering necessary employment details. This lowers the time it takes to onboard new employees, which helps businesses collaborate more effectively and quickly move projects forward.

The software also automates the distribution of documents such as NDAs and E-Verify forms, making it easier for employers to coordinate with employees during their onboarding experiences. Additionally, HR Acuity provides automated tracking capabilities that make it easier for employers to monitor their compliance with state and federal labour regulations. This helps ensure organizational compliance needs are met promptly while improving visibility into potential risks.

Automated employee tracking

HR Acuity is a powerful program that gives HR departments advanced tracking and workflow capabilities. This means that HR professionals can easily monitor employee data in real time, identify improvement areas, boost organizational performance, and much more.

One of the most helpful automated features of HR Acuity is its ability to track employee information such as attendance, hours worked, time off requests, shifts worked and more. This automated tracking allows managers to quickly access data with the click of a mouse – no need to manually check paper records. Additionally, automatic reporting capabilities allow quick assessment of employee trends to help anticipate problems before they develop.

HR Acuity also helps ensure compliance with applicable labor laws by providing easy access to current regulations and enforcing established policies and procedures uniformly throughout the workplace. With built-in automated email notifications sent out whenever an employee’s attendance or work hours go outside established boundaries, issues can be addressed quickly and efficiently before any problems arise.

Overall, the automated tracking capabilities of HR Acuity are invaluable for streamlining employee record management processes while minimizing potential risks from labor law violations. In addition, the ease at which supervisors can view employees’ records also allows for greater insight into areas where improvements may need to be made -allowing businesses to keep their competitive edge in today’s marketplace!

Improved employee engagement

HR Acuity’s technology helps to automate and streamline the processes of managing workplace issues. By automating manual processes, proper data storage, and risk assessment tools, HR Acuity can help organizations increase employee engagement. This can result in increased morale among employees due to quicker resolution of their concerns and improved communication with their supervisors.

In addition, HR Acuity provides thorough record-keeping capabilities allowing organizations to track their past cases and develop plans for improving future outcomes. By leveraging technology in this way, organizations can better foster a culture of mutual trust and understanding between managers and employees. This results in increased productive outcomes, improved employee engagement and greater job satisfaction.

Increased employee productivity

HR Acuity provides organizations with the ability to identify and address potential issues before they have a chance to escalate and hurt employee productivity. For example, HR Acuity’s sophisticated predictive analytics capabilities allow employers to gain insights into recurring disciplinary or performance-related problems, factors related to increased turnover, or underestimating risk. Companies can also use HR Acuity data to pinpoint areas that need improvement to maximize employee productivity and avoid costly mistakes.

HR Acuity helps organizations quickly take action on matters such as proactively addressing employee issues, compliance violations, harassment complaints, or difficult personnel decisions. Its features can help managers make better decisions promptly while allowing employees to voice their concerns and problems in a safe environment. This leads to increased trust between employers and employees which ultimately helps maximize employee productivity.

HR Acuity raises $47M to track and manage workplace issues

HR Acuity recently announced that it had secured $47M in series B funding to expand its HR platform for tracking, managing, and resolving workplace issues. This news means that HR Acuity is now one of the US’s most highly funded HR platforms.

This article will discuss how this funding could benefit HR Acuity users.

Overview of $47M funding

HR Acuity, the employee relations case management leader, announced it has successfully secured $47 million in Series C funding. Dean Capital Ventures and Stripes Group co-led the round, bringing HR Acuity’s total capital raised to $100 million. This announcement follows HR Acuity’s recent recognition as a top workplace culture by Forbes and Inc. Magazine.

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The funds will be used to further product R&D investments, accelerate sales and marketing efforts, expand into new markets internationally, and foster support for strong workplace cultures worldwide. This investment further positions HR Acuity to build on its momentum in enterprise risk management software among Fortune 500 companies with thousands of employees across dozens of locations worldwide.

HR Acuity has been widely recognized for its ground-breaking software. It helps organizations create and manage a safe workplace by improving incident response, accountability, legal compliance, community well-being and delivering powerful insights into employee relations matters. In addition, their software provides scalable solutions that help organizations bring internal consistency to complex enterprise environments with flexible workflow configurations built for any organization size or structure.

Founder & CEO Trish McFarlane said: “This fundraise marks an historic milestone on our mission to make the world of work safer through people analytics. We couldn’t be more proud than now – during these challenging times – to empower more organizations globally with our ability to respond quickly while maintaining high quality standards while ensuring trust is intact.”

Investors involved in the funding round

HR Acuity, a leading workplace issue tracking and management technology provider, recently completed a $47 million growth equity funding round. The round was led by FTV Capital, a growth equity investment firm that provides capital and strategic guidance to late-stage venture-backed startups in the United States. Additional investors included Sorenson Capital, Health Velocity Capital, Bull City Venture Partners; Angel Investor Mary Grove; Integral Capital; Greycroft; Mark Lavelle (CEO of Magento); and Initialized Capital’s Alexis Ohanian and Garry Tan.

FTV’s Steven Friedlander stated: “We are thrilled to partner with Nancy [Hamner], CEO and founder of HR Acuity. With its leading cloud-based platform for automating compliance processes for HR teams addressing day-to-day issues in the workplace, the company is revolutionizing how employee issues are managed within organizations worldwide.”

The new funding will be used to fuel continued expansion into international markets and support product development innovation as well as strategic acquisitions. This significant investment validates the effectiveness of HR Acuity’s technology that helps organizations track and manage workplace issues more efficiently while ensuring legal compliance and elevating employee experience across all sizes of companies worldwide.

Impact of the funding

HR Acuity’s recent round of funding from several big-name investors is sure to significantly impact the HR technology space. The new capital will allow HR Acuity to further develop its behavioral analytics capabilities and increase the development team’s velocity – expediting time to market.

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Furthermore, the influx of funds will push HR Acuity’s industry-leading toolset into even more organizations and sectors, allowing them to drive better decision making with an even deeper understanding of their data. Finally, this financial boost could enable aggressive expansion in key growth markets such as Europe and APAC.

Overall, it is clear that this funding creates an exciting opportunity for HR Acuity both internally and externally. With these new resources they can continue to revolutionize how organizations approach human capital analytics to understand their employee data more deeply than ever before.


HR Acuity’s technology is extremely beneficial for businesses who want to track and manage workplace issues. The technology allows employers to monitor their employees’ activity, investigate claims and take action quickly in case of a dispute or other issue.

Additionally, HR Acuity recently raised $47 million from venture capital investors, which will help the company to expand its reach and further improve its technology.

This article will wrap up the discussion by summarizing the various benefits of HR Acuity’s technology.

Summary of the benefits of HR Acuity’s technology

HR Acuity is a technology provider that helps organizations track and manage workplace issues. By using this technology, companies can accurately identify areas where they might be at risk of facing regulatory or litigation issues and take steps to resolve them. This reduces the time and cost of dealing with such problems in the long run. It also helps improve efficiency, as data is collected in real-time which can be used to make better decisions quickly.

HR Acuity’s technology provides organizations with a competitive edge by properly addressing workplace culture issues, improving employee morale, loyalty and engagement. It also helps ensure compliance with legal requirements for managing workplace issues, making it easier for HR departments to handle complex workforce cases smoothly.

Additionally, with the technology provided by HR Acuity, companies can achieve a higher return on investment as they can leverage data and analytics to optimize their processes without investing in expensive hardware or software solutions.

Overall, it is clear that using HR Acuity’s technology brings numerous benefits that can help boost efficiency while reducing risks associated with managing workplace matters.

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