Those who love the game “New World” will be able to find some clues about Ironwood in-game. This is a brief blog post that includes the location of Ironwood, as well as tips for players on how to make your first steps into this beautiful new world.

New World is a new game by Hinterland Studio, where you play as one of the four tribes in an open-world survival RPG. The world has been changed forever by an apocalyptic event, and players must figure out how to survive with what’s left of society crumbling around them. The developers released New World on Steam Early Access last month and its price has already shot up to $60 USD for digital copies! It runs on Unreal Engine 4 (UE4), so if you want this action-survival sandbox, make sure your PC can handle it before purchasing it – Introduction: Ironwood is a rare item found only in certain places throughout the world in New WorldThis mobile game is free to play and was developed by a small team of developers, who were proud enough of it that they decided not to put ads in the game. It’s available on both iOS and Android devices!

Ironwood is a type of tree that can be found in New World. The trees grow on the surface and are often seen as a symbol of life, rebirth, and hope.

Many different tree species may be found in Aeternum, including Ironwood Trees. These are the game’s highest-tier trees, and chopping them down will take a skilled logger. We’ll show you where to obtain Ironwood in New World, some sample farm routes, and what you can do with it in terms of crafting in this article.

Ironwood is a Tier V Wood resource obtained by cutting down Ironwood Trees. To cut down these trees, you’ll need a Logging skill of 175; use our Logging leveling method to get to the required skill level. When you’re ready to cut them down, check out the list below for the finest places to find Ironwood in New World.

In the New World, where can you locate Ironwood?

Edengrove is the finest place in New World to find Ironwood. Edengrove isn’t the only area where you can get it, however. The following is a complete list of Ironwood-containing regions:


Ironwood trees may be found in abundance in Edengrove’s Stained Bluffs region. Fast travel to the Blighted Shrine, which is southeast of Valor Hold Outpost, and then go west to Ironwood Farm. Return to Valor Hold Outpost by following the route. Drop off your stuff, then repeat the process. 


Brightwood is a good place to go if you’re a lower level and have gotten your Logging skills to 175 or above. Eldritchton and Shervey’s Lumbermill are two locales in Brightwood with a good amount of Ironwood Trees. The former is located in southern Brightwood, slightly east of the elite island, while the latter is located southwest of Brightwood Town. If you’re in the Eldritchton location, go a little farther southwest to eastern Beets Bog to find another group of Ironwood trees.


In Reekwater, there are a few Ironwood Trees, particularly near Virid Grotto and east of Sha Makogai. The Virid Grotto location is more accessible, so if you’re in Reekwater and need some Ironwood, simply walk northeast of Reekwater Hamlet and hack away.

Reaching Ebonscale

If you find yourself in Ebonscale Reach, possibly farming elites or just questing, there are a couple places where you might get Ironwood. The first lies near Imperial Palace in the northern section of the island, while the second is near Ebonscale Reach Hamlet to the southwest. However, the spirit temple in northeast Ebonscale Reach is the ideal location. If you hurry to the Shrine, you’ll see eight or so trees close.

Mountains in Ruins

The Shattered Mountains are the second greatest place to find Ironwood Trees. To obtain them comfortably, you’ll need to be about level 60. The Shattered Mountain Ironwood Trees may be found in Lonely Climb and Blighted Wilds surrounding the Mountainrise Outpost (the eastern outpost).

Check out the New World Ironwood map for a more detailed overview.

In the New World, what can you build with Ironwood?

Ironwood may be used in the following New World recipes:

  • Planks of Ironwood
  • Charcoal
  • Fire Staff of Orichalcum
  • Staff of Starmetal Fire
  • Staff of Stainless Steel
  • Staff of Iron Fire
  • Replica Expedition Staves of Fire
  • More TBA

Those are the greatest places to look for Ironwood in the New World. Check visit the New World part of our website for additional relevant articles and guides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are ironwood trees found?

A: In the United States, there are three different types of ironwood trees. The Gahuti Ironwood Tree is found in Florida and Panama. The Cassia Ironwood tree can be found primarily in California while a third type, known as the Carrizo-Wilcoxia Ironwood tree grows primarily in Texas

What is Ironwood and where does it grow?

A: Ironwood is a tree that grows in North America. Its scientific name is Liquidambar styraciflua, and it can grow up to 80 feet tall with a trunk of 25 feet wide. The wood from the trees is very hard and strong but also contains natural compounds called sesquiterpenoids which have been found helpful for arthritis, wounds, inflammation, toothaches and more!

What is the real name for Ironwood?

A: Ironwood is a species of tree.

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