The best early game weapons in gaming are usually the first weapon you pick up and use. They can be anything from a sword to a gun. Here is a list of some of the most iconic ones.

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Final Fantasy XII isn’t a very well-balanced game, to be sure.

Within the first two hours of gaming, there are many methods to become ridiculously strong.

You may either harvest skeletons on a bridge for LP or chain rare game monsters with Vaan to get a lot of experience.

You may also pick from a variety of powerful weaponry that you can get very early in the game – I’m talking less than ten hours.

Let me show you the finest early game weapons in The Zodiac Age, as well as how to get them.


Spear of Destiny

Uhlan is an equippable job.

There’s a lot you can do as Vaan at the start of the game to give yourself a significant advantage.

Going for the Heavy Lance is one of the easiest things to do.

After you’ve created a sunstone and Penelo has left the group, you may begin the quest.

Get some Phoenix Downs at Nalbina Fortress (and if you need money, Trial Mode level 1 contains Diamond Armlet you can sell) before heading to The Midfault in the Damascan Westersand.

We’ve come to play a one-of-a-kind game called Fideliant.

Fideliant is a skeleton that has a 20% chance of appearing every time you visit The Midfault.

He’ll usually show up in the middle of the map, at the top.

If you give him a Phoenix Down, he’ll leave you with a lot of experience and, if you’re fortunate, a Heavy Lance!

The lance has a low drop rate, but it’s high enough that you should acquire it after a few fights.



Gladius in FFXII Zodiac Age

Shikari is an equippable job.

Obtaining the Gladius, a wind-based dagger with a whopping 56 attack power, is more of a patience test than anything else.

The first stage is to level up to at least level 10, which is simple if you use the Dustia or Fideliant rare game monsters.

Then, in the Westersand’s Galtea Downs, begin slaughtering wolves.

Head to the southern exit of the Downs, which leads to the little isolated region of Shimmering Horizons, after you’ve fought twenty of them (it doesn’t have to be a chain).

If you defeat twenty wolves, the Lindburn Wolf emerges.

Don’t be concerned about defeating him! He’s a thorn in my side.

Your objective is to steal from him, which is where your patience will come in handy.

Infiltrate the beast’s lair and attempt a heist. It has a little chance of succeeding, but if it doesn’t, you may just be chomped and load the autosave from when you first entered the region.

It may take some time, but after you’ve snagged a Gladius, get out of there as soon as possible.



Slasher Weapon in FFXII Zodiac Age

Foebreaker is an equippable job.

You can really buff Vaan up at the start of this one, but it’s simply simpler to wait till you have a few more party members.

Gather the squad and go to the Starfall Field region of the Dry Giza Plains.

A pack of roaming werewolves may be found towards the south of this zone.

You’re looking for these large bipedal lupines.

The Slasher, an axe with 54 attack power, is dropped by werewolves.

Unless you have a level three chain running, the drop rate is very low. Even then, it’s just 7% of the time.

Still, the time will pass quickly, and you’ll begin to amass a large amount of treasure.

Werewolves have a hit point range of 250-300, therefore it’s better to have a thousand or more health points and excellent gear.

If you acquire the Gladius and grind to level 15, you can accomplish it with only Vaan.

But, honestly, waiting till you host a party to help out is simpler and more worthwhile.


Bow of the Burning

Burning Bow in FFXII Zodiac Age

Archer is a job that may be equipped.

This one is a lot easier to do than the other two.

There are no unusual game cheats or low-chance thefts involved.

All you need to accomplish is be of a certain level and have cleared Raithwall’s Tomb (and really, both things will probably happen at the same time).

When you return to the Rabanastre region after defeating Raithwall, gather your belongings and go to the Estersand.

Continue north until you reach the South Bank Village, where you may get a boat to the appropriately called North Bank Village. Continue north from here until you reach The Broken Sands.

Dive Talons are large birds that may be seen in this area of desert.

This is your final grade.

The Burning Bow and the Slasher both have the same drop rate, but Dive Talons are harder customers — and they can fly.

But don’t worry, you’ll be OK!

You’ll have the drop in no time if you chain them together tightly.

If you’re serious about archery, you can even buy more than one.

The Burning Bow boasts a staggering 77 attack power and enhances fire magic, making Firaga and Ardor even more powerful.



Kiku-ichimonji Weapon in FFXII Zodiac Age

Bushi is an equippable job.

This will take some effort, but it will be well worth it.

When you return to Rabanastre after finishing the Tomb of Raithwall, go acquire the spell Vanish (if you haven’t already).

Hire a Chocobo from the neighboring Moogle and go to Nalbina Fortress by any methods you choose. The guards to the north will allow you pass while riding.

The Mosphoran Highwaste welcomes you!

You’re not meant to stay here for long, but we’re free to do anything we want!

To get to the Babbling Vale, ride north through the Highwaster’s first two zones (Southern Skirts and the Summit Path), which is a friendly region with a teleport save point.

This will also save you some travel time in the future if you activate it.

Return to the Summit Path area by heading south.

In the northeast corner of the zone, two chests may spawn, one of which is the Kiki-ichimonji. This is when Vanish enters the picture.

Make your squad invisible and sneak toward the northern border of the map in quest of treasures.

Reload the last autosave and try again if they haven’t spawned.

This isn’t difficult; it’s simply nerve-wracking. The chest and sword will eventually appear!

The Kiki-ichimonji is a katana with 70 attack power and a decent combo rate of 20%.

It’ll be extremely powerful at this point in the game, and it’ll help you go through all of the remaining fights.



Deathbringer in FFXII Zodiac Age

Knight and Time Battlemage are two jobs that may be equipped.

For this one, you must be at least level 20.

You may go for the Deathbringer sword once you return from Raithwall and have finished both the Flowering Cactoid hunt and the Desert Patient side mission.

The Barheim key is obtained through the Desert Patient side quest, enabling you to return to the Barheim Passage from the Estersand entrance.

Once inside, go north to the North-South Junction region, where you’ll find a useful teleport save crystal.

It’s becoming a little sketchy now.

Return to the Special Op Sector 5 location by heading south, then east. A prominent chest that transforms into a mimic can be found on the northern side of this region, behind a rock.

This imitation is a unique game named Ithuno, which is currently too difficult to beat.

But stealing from it isn’t difficult!

Get in there and rip out your hearts. Remember, if you die, it’s no huge deal: just reload the fast save.

If you’re fortunate, you’ll be able to steal a Deathbringer blade in no time!

And simply exiting the zone and attempting again, you can collect as many as you want.

For the bulk of the game, the Deathbringer is a complete beast.

It has an attack power of 83 and a probability of immediate KO on-hit of 12 percent. It will turn whomever you give it to into a valuable member of the team.



Karkata in FFXII Zodiac Age

Knight and Bushi are two jobs that may be equipped.

The greatest early-game weapon is also the most straightforward to get.

Seriously, it’s so simple that you’ll wonder why you were ever asked to do it.

You’ll need a complete party of three to visit the Tomb of Raithwall, so it’s better to wait till after that (though it can be done with just Vaan and Penelo too if you level them up to at least 20).

Save your game, return to the title screen, then join ye old Trial Mode after you’ve finished setting up your group.

You’ll face a group of Cactoids at Stage 3 (yes, that early), including a Flowering Cactoid.

It’s as simple as stealing from the Flowering one.

Sure, it’s an uncommon find, but you have plenty of time – particularly if you wipe all the other Cactoids first.

It’s very simple to get a Karkata, and you may do it many times to obtain enough for a whole party!

The Karkata has a 92 attack power and 100% of the time confuses on hit.

If you’re searching for a method to go through the first 60% of Final Fantasy XII, this is the way to go.

Good luck with your search!

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