The Back 4 Blood best characters tier list is a ranking of the top 20 characters in the game. It was created by the Back 4 Blood website, which has been around since 2014.

The back 4 blood best cards is a tier list created by the community for the game Back 4 Blood. It was created by looking at all of the cards in the game and ranking them based on their power.

Back 4 Blood has eight playable characters, four of them are accessible right once and the others must be unlocked. Any character may survive in the card/deck-building system. However, each character is born with a set of skills and benefits, some of which are absolutely essential. Here’s our Back 4 Blood tier list to help you figure out which characters are the finest in the game.

The finest characters in Back 4 Blood are ranked in this tier list.

Our Back 4 Blood tier ranking is mainly based on higher-difficulty task runs (i.e., Veteran or Nightmare). It’s also worth noting that although all characters are adaptable, their inherent advantages may trap them into particular positions. As a result, if one person succeeds in a certain position, their counterpart may be rated lower.

Characters in the S-tier


  • Tough Love – Once each level, Mom may quickly restore an incapacitated comrade.
  • High Expectations – 1 additional life for each squad.
  • +1 support inventory for Den Mother.
  • Kill the Pain – Begin by taking pain relievers.

It’s an understatement to say that Mom is a lifesaver. She can maintain everyone in peak condition thanks to the extra support inventory slot and extra lives for comrades. On higher levels, the free and fast revive is also a useful ability that may rescue you from team wipes. More information may be found in our Mom best cards and build guide.


  • Always Prepared – When murdering Ridden, Hoffman has an opportunity to gather ammunition.
  • Cargo Pockets – Increase the team’s maximum ammunition capacity by 10%.
  • Ready To Rock – Increase your offensive inventory by one.
  • Never Be Without — Begin with a supply of ammunition.

If you’re taking on more difficult tasks, Hoffman is an obvious choice. He essentially supplies everyone with a large amount of ammunition. You’re going to need a lot of bullets since the game throws numerous elites and bosses at you. More information may be found in our Hoffman top cards and build guide.


  • Karlee has the ability to detect surrounding dangers (such as mutations or particular infections).
  • Dexterous – speed is used by 50% of the squad.
  • +1 fast inventory from the Back of Tricks.
  • Starts with a tool set for Nimble Fingered.

Karlee is a godsend when it comes to playing on harder levels. She can alert your group when mutant Ridden are approaching, giving them time to prepare. Similarly, her increased team usage speed allows you to administer bandages and engage with different equipment much more quickly. In one mission, this involves several runs to farm Supply Points. Finally, she may carry an extra stun gun or defibrillator since she has an extra quick inventory space. More information may be found in our Karlee best cards and build guide.

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Characters of the highest caliber


  • Born Survivor – Evangelo has a 75% breakout speed and can break free from grips.
  • Light Footed – team move speed is increased by 5%.
  • Fit – increase your stamina by 25%.
  • Start with a Molotov cocktail.

Evangelo’s benefit is an improved version of the Breakout card. On higher levels, this is a lifesaver since the Director has a habit of randomly spamming special infected. He also has several useful bonuses, such as enhanced team movement speed and an inherent increase in stamina regeneration. He has the potential to be one of the game’s fastest characters. Evangelo is also a strong option for melee-focused builds even without Holly’s bonuses. He does, however, provide greater versatility due to his mobility and stamina restoration. More information may be found in our Evangelo best cards and build guide.


  • Field Medic – Once each level, may administer field dressings to each teammate, healing them for 25 HP.
  • +30% healing efficiency with a skilled physician.
  • Triage – +25% trauma resistance in the squad.
  • Ready to Operate — Provides a bandage at the start of each mission.

Doc, like Mom, is a perfect fit as a squad’s devoted medic. However, if a teammate has already chosen Mom, this does not imply you should disregard her. Because of their healing powers, these two may be considered Back 4 Blood’s dynamic pair. Doc is a little lower on the list since her benefits, although fantastic in and of themselves, aren’t always apparent in a pinch. More information is available in our Doc top cards and build guide.

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Character from the second tier


  • Clean Kill – Precision kills boost Jim’s damage by 5%, stacking up to 50% until he suffers damage.
  • +10% team weak spot damage if you’re a seasoned hunter.
  • Quick Aim – aim down sight (ADS) speed increased by 25%.
  • Razor Snare – A Razor Snare is used to begin missions.

When facing specific diseased and bosses, Jim’s Seasoned Hunter perk will come in handy. You can bring them down a lot quicker if you target their weak areas. Meanwhile, his Clean Kill trait makes him one of the game’s most lethal characters. The main drawback is that when there are a lot of monsters to contend with, keeping stacks high by avoiding damage may be a pain. Even if you managed to get it up to 50%, you risk losing it if you are hit just when you need to snipe a monster. More information may be found in our Jim best cards and build guide.


  • Grand Slam: When Holly kills a Ridden, she regains 10 stamina.
  • +25 team stamina in cardio.
  • Holly is as tough as nails and possesses a 10% damage resistance at all times.
  • Holly begins each assignment with a stun gun for self–defense.

In melee combat, Holly is a complete beast. Her perks boost her resistance and give her more energy as she kills enemies. She can finish most missions without ever firing a weapon, relying instead on spiked bat swings or machete cuts. The issue is that on higher levels, this is a very dangerous playstyle, and errors will cost you a lot of points. More information may be found in our Holly top cards and build guide.

Character from the lower echelon


  • Precision kills improve Walker’s accuracy by 20% for five seconds, according to military training.
  • +10 team health for the pragmatic.
  • +10% damage from Model Soldier.
  • With a frag grenade, he begins missions.

“Beginner-friendly character syndrome” affects Walker. He is one of the game’s most basic characters, with nothing in the way of usefulness or survivability. Sure, Model Soldier is fantastic, but the rest of his skills and perks pale in comparison to what others offer to the table.

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The s tier meaning is a tier list that ranks the best characters in the game. It was created by Back 4 Blood and has been updated multiple times since its release.

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