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Are you looking for an efficient and secure way to invest in DeFi? Conduit is the answer.

With cutting-edge technology, it provides unparalleled security and convenience, enabling you to maximize returns with minimal risk.

Experience the next generation of DeFi investing with Conduit today!

Introduction to DeFi Investing

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is an innovative financial system powered by blockchain technology. It enables users to access secure, efficient and far-reaching financial services without a middleman or centralized authority. DeFi applications are built on protocols that leverage code and smart contracts instead of traditional banking infrastructure. This has sparked a revolution known as Open Finance, with DeFi solutions aiming to bring more freedom, transparency, security and access to financial services for consumers everywhere.

This new form of investing is gaining traction in crypto due to its numerous advantages. With DeFi investing opportunities available in lending, borrowing, staking and derivatives trading, users can join a decentralized ecosystem that offers greater transparency and faster settlement times than traditional banks.

One of the biggest players in this space is Conduit — an innovative DeFi investing platform that provides access to various engaging activities across the global crypto markets. With its cutting-edge software tools and powerful API integrations, Conduit enables users to easily gain exposure to leading coins like ETH, Zcash and DASH. Recently, Conduit raised $17 million in a strategic funding round which speaks volumes about its potential for growth in this vast market.

What is Conduit?

Conduit is a decentralized finance (DeFi) investing software with powerful risk management and automated trading capabilities, designed to enable investors to manage their capital more efficiently and securely.

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It simplifies investing in DeFi assets and makes it easy for users to customize their portfolios across multiple asset types. The team has created this platform at DeFx, which has developed a robust system that aims to bring advanced technology tools and strategies to crypto investors, providing them a secure environment without sacrificing any of the flexibility they need while managing their investments.

Conduit is an all-in-one DeFi investing solution that links different protocols together, giving users full transparency at every step in the process. Through its automated trading capabilities, Conduit allows users to easily manage risk exposure through customizable rulesets and portfolio rebalancing. Additionally, its trading interface provides insights into DeFi performance metrics such as risk exposure and returns on investment over time.

With secure investing methods like conditional orders and real-time order book functionality, Conduit maximizes user efficiency while minimizing transaction fees incurred on trades. Furthermore, Conduit’s secure infrastructure provides enhanced protection from malicious actors looking to exploit system vulnerabilities by employing Microsoft Data Exchange Security Protocols (DEXSP). This advanced security protocol is one of many impressive safety features that make Conduit an ideal choice for financial institutions seeking access to a fast-growing DeFi market.

Benefits of Using Conduit for DeFi Investing

Conduit is a decentralized finance (DeFi) investing software that offers an easy and secure way to take advantage of the rapidly growing crypto-backed investment opportunities. Conduit allows users to quickly invest in DeFi cryptocurrency projects without spending a lot of time learning the complex vocabulary associated with this industry. With its secure platform, users can also store and manage a portfolio of different investment options, including private keys for managing their funds in multiple cryptos.

conduit defi 17m venturesramaswamytechcrunch

The Conduit platform enables users to monitor their investments in real-time by providing access to live prices, charts, market news, trends and sentiment analysis. Additionally, investors can take advantage of expert trading advice from experienced traders who have the best insight into what may be the next big opportunity in DeFi investing.

Using Conduit for DeFi investing has several advantages compared with other platforms: it is user friendly for beginners, offers enhanced portfolio protection features, protects against malicious activities and provides high level security measures such as two factor authentication protection and 2 Levels of Authorization Protocol (2LAP). Notably, Conduit also has an insurance pool that provides an additional layer of risk protection that other platforms may not offer. As a result, deFi investors can rest assured knowing that all funds are insured up to $100 million if something goes wrong due to technical issues or smart contract errors.

Overall, Conduit provides flexibility for managing digital assets within a controlled framework where fund security is paramount. For more experienced crypto investors looking for exciting new opportunities in crypto-related products or services without taking on unnecessary risks, Conduit can be a perfect platform for gaining exposure while minimizing the likelihood of unexpected losses due to negligence or scams.

DeFi investing software Conduit scores $17m

Conduit is a blockchain-based DeFi investing software that facilitates decentralized financial transactions. It is powered by a layer-2 ’peer to peer’ protocol, or P2PVPN, which connects users worldwide and allows them to securely transact without relying on institutional or regulatory oversight. In addition, the platform utilizes smart contracts for automated trustless transactions, allowing users to quickly and safely invest in decentralized finance (DeFi) products.

conduit defi portage venturesramaswamytechcrunch

The platform integrates with major DeFi protocols such as MakerDAO, Compound, AAVE, Uniswap and Synthetix to facilitate investing in these product classes. Users can easily access and diversify their portfolios across multiple types of tokenized assets by taking advantage of existing liquidity pools and collateral positions of other DeFi networks. This allows investors to diversify their portfolios by gaining exposure to various digital assets outside the reach of traditional financial markets.

Further still Conduit offers a range of tools for traders to quickly assess risk/reward ratios associated with myriad investment strategies and keep an eye on potential arbitrage opportunities between different asset classes. Finally, Conduit’s automated risk management system monitors all participant actions while incorporating compliance measures including anti-money laundering (AML) protocols. In this way Conduit provides an efficient platform through which investors can safely manage their portfolios while adhering to rules set out by regulators.

What Features Does Conduit Offer?

Conduit, a decentralized financial (DeFi) investing platform, is gaining widespread attention due to its innovative features. The leading software provides users various options and tools to facilitate efficient trading in the DeFi markets. As more and more investors understand the benefits of using Conduit for DeFi investing, the startup has secured over $17 million in funding to expand its capabilities.

Conduit offers convenient and secure access to various options on trades, market analysis tools, price feeds, automated portfolio management features, real-time alerts on prices and much more. By selecting specific coins or tokens and setting automatic designated rules for grid-trading or other risk-reduction strategies such as stop losses or trailing stops traders can maximize their profits with minimal effort. Furthermore all best execution protocols are protected by Conduit’s built-in security measures like state of the art encryption methods which guarantees safety from frauds or hacks.

In addition to traditional trading instruments such as those found on regular stock exchanges, Conduit also provides access to advanced derivatives such as options which can be used for hedging or day trading activities when used correctly. In addition, advanced charting functions give users an opportunity for detailed analyses allowing them to make informed decisions about their investments. All backed up with easy fund deposits via industry standard payment gateways such as PayPal or ACH transfers and swift withdrawals that take minutes instead of hours compared to other platforms.

Overall Conduit is a reliable platform that offers plenty of options for both novice and experienced DeFi investors making it a great tool not only for those looking to maximize their profits but also those who wish to minimize their risk exposure while shifting funds across different markets at large without ever missing out any potential opportunities coming up along the way.

Recent Funding Round for Conduit

In a recent funding round, Conduit, an open source software protocol that facilitates users to access DeFi (Decentralized Finance) investments, raised $17 million in a Series A funding round. The round was led by CoinBase Ventures, allowing the firm to further develop and expand the DeFi investing platform.

The $17 million investment in Conduit will be used for platform expansion and product development. These funds will help add more features such as secured structures for pooled investments, improved liquidity for its users, and increased access to additional structured derivatives and alternative DeFi services.

The investment from Coinbase Ventures is seen as validation of Conduit’s capabilities in providing vital infrastructure and market access that enables secure and highly efficient decentralised financial services. As Conduit continues to expand its products it is expected to quickly become one of the leading players in the space.

What Does the Future Hold for Conduit?

As the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) industry continues to expand, Conduit has positioned itself as a prime mover in the market. The Conduit platform connects investors, traders and developers to some of the most profitable decentralized exchanges (DEXs). It accomplishes this task through an intuitive user interface that allows users to access top-notch liquidity while safeguarding sensitive data and managing capital efficiently. In addition, this platform puts users in control of their funds at all times, giving them a degree of freedom not found with traditional or centralized finance solutions.

The ease of use and high level of security featured on Conduit allows it to be a major component of growing token portfolios within the DeFi space. The powerful combination of liquidity access and portfolio management clearly shows why this DeFi investing software is gaining so much traction with investors and developers alike. In April 2021, it was announced that Hong Kong-based hedge fund Impera Capital had closed its second fundraising round at $17 million for the Conduit project.

The project’s success shows tremendous potential for Conduit’s future in terms of development, partnerships and comprehensive services provided to investors in the DeFi space. In addition to providing complimentary access to top-level liquidity sources across many DEXs, further development is expected from the team at Conduit regarding research analytics tools for more knowledgeable trading decisions, advanced security protocols for wallet protection, and additional tools for portfolio gains optimization and management.

Overall, we can say that Conduit has made extraordinary progress since its founding in 2018 and all signs point towards continued success. With its deep connections to global crypto marketplaces and comprehensive features designed specifically around DEFI portfolio growth, this project has a bright future!


Overall, using a Conduit for DeFi investing has many advantages that make it an ideal solution for individuals and institutions who wish to capitalize on the many industry opportunities. Not only is Conduit secure and cost-efficient, but it also facilitates near real-time tracking of investments helping users stay informed and up to date.

Further, as new protocols and projects emerge, conduit tools are designed to be integratable with practically any existing blockchain. Finally, with over $17 million in funding secured, Conduit seeks to become the industry standard for DeFi investing platforms. Therefore, exploring how this revolutionary technology can be used for maximum yields within DeFi remains a topic of great interest in current markets.

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