This is a full list of mods on the Sims 4 DarkSouls CC. It includes all free downloads which you can do with any version of The Sims 4 from console to PC and Mac.

The “sims 4 vampire cc” is a mod that allows players to play as a vampire in the Sims 4. The mod includes a lot of new features and options for players to explore.

I can’t think of two games that are more dissimilar than Dark Souls and The Sims 4.

Dark Souls is the polar opposite of The Sims 4, which is designed to be a stress-relieving experience.

While the game serves as a getaway, it also causes the user to experience intense anxiety as they battle for their life against swarms of opponents and huge monsters that will wipe the floor with them if they blink.

Even so, gamers like the two. And, depending on how you look at it, bringing them together may be a dream come true – or a nightmare.

Let’s take a look at some of the greatest methods to incorporate Dark Souls’ fire and darkness into The Sims 4.


1. Modifications to the Bonfire

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The simple campfire is Dark Souls’ most recognizable emblem — a sanctuary of solace where lost souls may collect their thoughts, tidy their belongings, and resume their adventures after an untimely death at the hands of a demon.

The Sims 4 already has campfires, but they’re nothing like FakePikachu’s fully working Dark Souls bonfires, replete with a blazing hot sword among the flames.

Hollow, cursed, and unkindled Sims might meet here to relate tales about their bleak travels while staring into the fires and perhaps roasting marshmallows (or moss clumps).


2. Artorias Knight Armor Set

Knight Artorias Armor Set / Sims 4 CC

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Artorias the Abysswalker is one of the most significant and badass characters in Souls history — and one of the most difficult bosses. He was first introduced in the Artorias of the Abyss DLC for the original Dark Souls.

Despite the fact that Artorias and his wolf Sif gave the majority of us a hard time in their separate boss bouts, the two are among the series’ most sad and romantic characters.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to create a dog that looks like Sif.

However, with this armor modification by Lady of Cinder, replicating Sir Artorias will be lot simpler.

Granite Falls, I’m sure, will appeal to the knight much more than the corrupted Oolacile.


3. Set of Crow Demon Ornifex

Crow Demon Ornifex Set / Sims 4 CC

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Artorias, like the majority of the other Dark Souls characters, is a fighter.

What good is a warrior if he doesn’t have a monster to fight?

The Crow Demon, a strange monster that combines shapely female legs with the body of a crow, hails from Ariamis’ Painted World.

To put it another way, it’s pure nightmare fuel.

Lady of Cinder borrowed the idea from Dark Souls 2, where Ornifex, a benign Crow Demon, works as a blacksmith specializing in monster weapons.

I’m sure she’d be happy with a part-time work as a Manual Laborer, but I’d love to see a Crow Demon Politician.


4. Veil of Lace

Lace Veil (Dark Souls) / Sims 4 CC

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It doesn’t have to be all demons and warriors for your Dark Souls characters to have company.

Simply said, if someone is dressed sufficiently black and gothic, they will fit in in.

This Lace Veil by Karzalee is exactly what aristocratic women of Lordran, Drangleic, and Lothric would wear to hide their faces. It’s dark yet trendy, and it’ll add a touch of the macabre to any Sim.

In addition, you may want to check out Leahlillith’s Souls Hair add-on.

For a diabolical femme, it has exactly the proper amount of loudness and pomp.


5. TS4 Dark Souls Eyes

Dark Soul Eyes / Sims 4 CC

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The eyes are the soul’s window.

Given that the majority of Dark Souls characters have lost varied degrees of their soul and humanity, it would be strange if their eyes didn’t reflect this.

With a darker sclera and deep-yet-somewhat magical irises in 22 various hues, these Dark Soul Eyes by RemusSirion may make your figures seem melancholy and empty.


Lot #6: Dark Souls Mansion

Dark Souls Mansion Lot / The Sims 4

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A bonfire is an excellent spot for Dark Souls characters to congregate and have a good time (as much fun as you can have while cursed).

However, if you’re serious about immersing yourself in the world of The Sims 4, you’ll need a bigger space to house your empty Sims.

It’s just a matter of time until someone attempts to recreate Lordran’s marvelously interconnected Kingdom in TS4… But until then, you’ll have to settle with TanitasSims’ magnificent Dark Soul home.

It’s a ready-to-build property with plenty of space.

The series’ gloomy appeal is wonderfully captured in the architecture and décor.

The colors are also perfect, and the inclusion of various frightening monster sculptures around the grounds is the cherry on top.


7. Friede Sister’s Outfit

Sister Friede Outfit / Sims 4 CC

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In Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel, there are a lot of fascinating characters, but Sister Friede is by far my favorite.

There’s something about this sombre, veiled woman that sets my heart ablaze.

She’s nothing if not tenacious in the game.

Even though she’s partially responsible for the rot that consumes the Painted World of Ariandel, she’ll come back from the edge of death two times in a row when you battle her.

In Dark Souls, it takes a lot of guts to turn away from the flames.

Thanks to designer Kaguya’s CC set, she should enjoy a happy existence in The Sims 4.


Set of 8 Dark Witches

Dark Witch Set (Dark Souls) / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

You’ll enjoy Kaguya’s wonderful Gloomy Witch CC Set if you’re seeking for something very elegant and dark.

This outfit is based on the Black Witch armor set from Dark Souls 3’s The Ringed City.

It’s claimed to have belonged to a witch who fell in love with a potential victim – Alva the Wayfarer – who we discover as a Dark Spirit protecting her body.

If I’ve ever witnessed Dark Souls romance, that’s it!

It’s a delicate and exquisite ensemble, suitable for any dark arts practitioner.


Set 9: Yuria of Londor

Yuria of Londor Set / Sims 4 CC

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Yuria of Londor is without a doubt the coolest female fighter in the Dark Souls universe.

With her sword, this legendary swordswoman is reported to have claimed over a hundred lives.

It’s difficult not to feel cautious about approaching her when you see her, yet she’s also alluring.

Even after being cursed, humans would still respect brilliance.

With or without the helmet, this will look fantastic on any female Sim.


Set No. 10: Captain Yorshka

Captain Yorshka Set / Sims 4 CC

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In the world of Dark Souls, few things have stood the test of time.

The Blade of the Dark Moon covenant is one of them, and it serves the Dark Sun Gwyndolin by enacting justice in their name.

The covenant in Dark Souls 3 is led by Company Captain Yorshka, a strange and delicate-looking lady who claims to be Gwyn’s daughter and Gwyndolin’s younger sister.

Everything a female Sim would need to pass for Yorshka is included in this set by Kaguya-Fox, including the mysterious dragon’s tail we see curled around her in the game.

It’s a lovely and airy ensemble that will shine brightly amid the heaviness of the other CC on this list.

The “the sims 4 dragon wings” is a CC & Mods for the Sims 4 that allows players to fly through the air and have a great time. The mod is free, but it requires the base game in order to play.

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