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Nasuni, Boston-based storage provider, has raised $60M in funding which could revolutionize the data storage space. With $148M in funding, Nasuni is set to expand their reach and provide businesses with innovative ways to store their data.

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Nasuni, a Boston-based cloud storage and data management platform, recently announced it has secured $60 million in funding for its series E round. The new funding brings the company’s total funding to $148 million, which will help fuel expansion in key markets.

Nasuni is provider of cloud NAS (network attached storage) that unifies all enterprise files into a single global namespace. It provides an SaaS solution that simplifies the storage deployment and data management for organizations that need local access to large datasets, such as media companies, universities and financial services customers. While Nasuni provides the software platform and engineering support, customers can select any public or private cloud from hundreds of available providers worldwide.

The company also offers related products like mobile file sharing, microservices-based infrastructure for applications such as analytics and AI/ML (artificial intelligence/machine learning), and secure access to object stores for compliance use cases. With this new $60 million in funding, Nasuni looks forward to expanding its offerings further by providing deeper integration with on-premises environments and leveraging its microservices architecture to enable customers to spin up new workloads faster than ever before in demanding multi-cloud environments.

Overview of Nasuni’s Total Funding

Boston-based Nasuni, provider of enterprise file services and cloud storage, has recently raised an additional $60 million in Funding, bringing the total amount raised to $148 million. This funding will further accelerate the company’s momentum and expansion capabilities.

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The new investment was led by Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners, with participation from previous investors including Riverwood Capital and Tenaya Capital. In addition, David Zilberman, Partner at DTCP, will join Nasuni’s Board of Directors.

Nasuni provides a Cloud File Services platform that enables customers to utilize cloud storage across clouds without sacrificing performance or security. The funds raised will be used to continue its relentless push for world-class performance and operations of its Enterprise File Services platform, expand its already growing customer base, and invest in enhancements such as intelligent tiering capabilities for data protection and disaster recovery scenarios.

In addition to this influx of capital, Nasuni has announced the appointment of industry veteran Bret Hawkins as Chief Operating Officer effective immediately. Hawkins brings nearly 26 years of experience in general management and engineering operations within enterprise IT software organizations such as Aruba Networks (HPE), Fortinet, Imperva and Splunk. His appointment marks a major milestone for Nasuni on its journey to have executive representation that is both diverse in considerate of stakeholder needs within the company’s global customer base.

Nasuni’s total funding reflects significant interest from both investors and end users alike in the brand’s innovative approach to enterprise file services as well as comprehensive portfolio of Cloud File Services solutions designed for customers around the world who are pushing beyond traditional IT boundaries into hybrid cloud architectures across multiple public clouds providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Boston-Based Nasuni Raises $60M and $148M in Total Funding Thanks To Sixth Street Growth (Maria Deutscher/SiliconAngle)

Nasuni’s total funding of $148 million provides the innovative Boston-based cloud storage provider with the necessary financial resources to continue to grow and expand both their business and impact on the industry. As the global leader in large-scale cloud file services, Nasuni’s technology will allow customers to move large unstructured data sets at scale from on premise storage to public clouds. Increased funding also allows Nasuni to further develop their technology, operational capabilities and marketing efforts to reach new prospects and generate additional industry awareness.

bostonbased street growth 148mdeutschersiliconangle

Nasuni’s total funding enables them to extend their resources into multiple data centers worldwide, including: Europe, South America, Asia Pacific, India and Africa. The ability for Nasuni customers to rapidly store and access critical files in various regions would provide substantial cost savings due to lower latency costs by reducing file transfer times over wide area networks (WAN). Furthermore, increased capital can help Nasuni leverage the talents of multiple engineers in order improve user experience (UX) through better product design.

Though there are many benefits of Nasumi’s total funding, it will ultimately include growth opportunities for current employees and open avenues for new jobs within a saturated technology industry. Such investments further emphasize commitment towards long term solutions such as market expansion opportunities from potential partnerships or acquisitions that could create additional strategically diversified solutions for Nasumi customers worldwide.

Potential Expansion Opportunities

Boston-based Nasuni, a provider of secure enterprise storage, has raised $60 million in a Series E funding led by Goldman Sachs Growth Equity. This raise brings the company’s total funding to $148 million and will be used to help fuel its global expansion. With the robust funding, Nasuni is better set to capitalize on several potential expansion opportunities.

The first potential opportunity for Nasuni lies in breaking into new markets. By expanding internationally, the company can tap into additional customer bases and gain wider reach for its products and services. Additionally, Nasuni might explore entering adjacent markets for storage solutions like managed services and cloud computing.

A second potential opportunity lies in adding new features to existing products or developing entirely new products that can differentiate the company from its competitors while offering customers innovative solutions they didn’t know they needed. In addition, Nasuni may invest more resources into research & development activities with an eye towards improving current user experience or finding out when technical advances could benefit the market’s needs going forward.

Finally, with big investments comes the entrée into strategic partnerships that could supplement existing customers or broaden its customer categories even further. Through such collaborations with larger companies, Nasuni can increase their pricing power and sharpen their competitive advantage over other rivals. Of course, these investments are geared towards better serving customers around the globe and maximizing returns for shareholders.

Nasuni’s Investment Partners

Nasuni, a Boston-based cloud storage company, recently raised $60 million in Series F funding, bringing its total funding to $148 million. This funding round was led by existing investor Harmony Partners and new investor Global Atlantic. Other participants in the round included existing investors Bain Capital Ventures, Trinity Ventures and Temasek. The additional investment will help Nasuni expand its market reach as it moves deeper into public cloud offerings.

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Since being founded in 2009, Nasuni has expanded its focus from being an on premise file storage solution for enterprises to becoming an application-independent file services provider focused on data that lives on-premises and in the public clouds. In addition to offering storage, the company also offers enterprise application acceleration capabilities and backup and disaster recovery services through its partner network.

Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. This funding will further strengthen the company’s research and development efforts along with helping fuel expansion plans into other markets such as Europe and Asia Pacific. With this additional investment Nasuni is now well positioned for continued growth and international expansion in the future.

Nasuni’s Plan for the Future

Boston-based Nasuni, a cloud file services and storage provider, has announced that it has raised $148 million in funding. This new funding will enable Nasuni to continue its expansion and innovation to better serve the needs of enterprise customers.

Nasuni’s products are designed to help organizations access, store and protect their data at scale across multiple clouds with their unified NAS solution for Windows and Mac. By providing an integrated view into all their file systems, Nasuni enables users to get the most out of their global collaboration capabilities while also ensuring relationships remain secure. The company also offers Storage Fabric technology, providing performance, latency and bandwidth optimization through CPU offloading layers.

The new $60 million investment from London-based hedge fund manager Marshall Wace will enable Nasuni to continue pursuing its innovative mission by adding more product partners, expanding customer support initiatives, developing greater security measures for organizations’ data sets and introducing more competitively priced plans for mid-market businesses. The money will also allow for aggressive global expansion by creating additional engineering and sales positions in the US and UK and further investments in research & development initiatives. In addition to the latest round of funding led by Marshall Wace, RockPort Capital Group Of Funds is also included among Nasuni’s investors.

Impact of Nasuni’s Total Funding on the Industry

Boston-based Nasuni’s total funding of $148 million is a considerable sum that signals its potential to significantly impact the file storage and collaboration industry. The company provides enterprise file services solutions that enable customers to securely manage, access, and share digital content while taking full advantage of the public cloud.

This influx of additional capital funding will help Nasuni to expand its customer base by accelerating sales, gaining an edge over competitors with more resources, and focusing on customer success stories. It can also broaden the company’s product portfolio by expanding its existing SaaS offerings and developing new products to support larger customers with complex requirements.

Nasuni believes its solutions will continue to help businesses become more agile, productive and collaborative by providing a simpler way for users to access their data anywhere in the world. Furthermore, with its total funding providing financial strength, Nasuni can invest in building out additional data centers across the globe. This will ensure that latency issues are addressed while keeping customer data secure.

Thus, this increase in capital funding is set to boost Nasuni’s presence in the file storage and collaboration industry as well as make an impact on how enterprises manage their digital content over time.

Conclusion and Summary

In conclusion, the funding Nasuni acquired will allow the cloud storage provider to expand its operations, acquire new customers and strengthen investments in research and development. The move will also push Nasuni towards becoming an even more recognized industry leader in enterprise cloud storage technology by helping them deliver greater levels of scalability and improved availability, performance and security.

The total funding amount brings Nasuni’s total to $148 million, which signals just how much investors believe in the forward-looking strategies that Nasuni has laid out. With this investment, we anticipate that Nasuni will be able to continue to remain at the forefront of an ever-changing technology landscape, delivering innovations that better serve their customers.

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