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Are you looking for a reliable cloud file storage solution? Then, Nasuni could be the answer. Having seen strong growth in 2021, Nasuni has secured a staggering $60M investment – providing reliable, secure, enterprise-grade cloud storage offerings to power your business.

This article will explore how Nasuni plans to use this funding and what that means for customers.

Cloud file storage startup Nasuni Corporation has secured $60 million in Series F funding from Goldman Sachs and Insight Partners, bringing the total amount of capital raised to $164 million. The funding rounds out a successful year for the company as it continues to expand its cloud-based offerings in enterprise storage.

As businesses transition to flexible cloud-based working models, demand for secure and reliable file storage services has skyrocketed. Nasuni offers enterprise storage infrastructure that leverages multi-site locations, consistency, and availability of global operations with state-of-the-art security. This allows organizations to unify their data access, distribution, archiving, and protection needs across multiple sites while ensuring cost efficiencies.

Beyond these technological advancements, Nasuni’s main attraction is its simplified approach toward scalability and flexibility in an ever-growing digital landscape. With its rapid expansion into Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America, enterprises now have unprecedented access to innovative data access technologies without sacrificing budget or security, allowing technology managers to utilize cloud resources more effectively than ever before.

Nasuni’s Cloud File Storage Offerings

Nasuni, a leading cloud file storage provider, announced on April 15th that it has raised $60 million in new funding through its mid-round Series C led by Barclays. The financing is a major move for Nasuni and further demonstrates the company’s commitment to the burgeoning cloud file storage market. Over the last year, Nasuni’s sales have grown considerably, and this additional capital will help accelerate its strategic expansion plans.

bostonbased 60m sixth growth 148mdeutschersiliconangle

The money raised during this round comes at an opportune time for Nasuni, with an estimated 80 percent of organizations using some form of cloud storage. Founded in 2011, the Massachusetts-based company designs secure file storage solutions that can be tailored to meet customer demands. Their platform provides organizations with heightened flexibility regarding data portability that can reduce hardware costs associated with more traditional infrastructure models. Nasuni focuses on delivering top-tier performance while also providing superior customer support and services by understanding its customers’ individual needs.

Going forward, Nasuni plans on shifting its attention away from file storage alone and towards creating an end-to-end platform for data use and management for distributed teams regardless of location or device type. Their platform allows users to access information anytime from anywhere through leveraging tier 1 hybrid cloud Storage as a Service (STaaS) technology—which enables files to be securely stored in both local data centers and multiple public clouds like AWS or Microsoft Azure instantaneously—across thousands of devices simultaneously under one unified service agreement. With a dynamic pricing model that adjusts according to usage needs, Nasuni offers its partners unparalleled convenience while maintaining maximum security protocols across all touchpoints of their operations flow efficiently supporting scalability requirements as necessary over time universally utilizing industry standard mechanisms such as SAML/SSO/MFA technology integration options not previously seen before in the STaaS market space.

Cloud file storage startup Nasuni nabs $60M after strong 2021 growth

In 2021, cloud file storage startup Nasuni saw a tremendous rise in success. The company rapidly grew with a total of more than 200 customers as well as an increase in revenue. On April 20th, Nasuni secured $60M in Series D funding from investors such as Dell Technologies Capital, Mayfield Fund and Summit Partners. This round of funding brings the total capital raised to $148M for the company.

The Series D funding will enable Nasuni to continue its mission of providing world-class cloud based unified file services for any enterprise worldwide. As part of this, Nasuni also plans on using the money to further develop their platform and amplify its innovation capabilities such as expanding into scalability on demand and enterprise-grade durability.

This influx of cash will be a huge help for the development of Nasuni’s technologies and provide them with the ability to continue their growth trajectory throughout 2021 and beyond.

Nasuni’s Investment Round

Cloud file storage startup Nasuni has secured $60 million in a new funding round that will be used to accelerate its growth. The funds come from long-term backers including Dell Technologies Capital, Technology Crossover Ventures and others, indicating support for the company’s cloud file storage solutions.

In an effort to help businesses maximize their investments in the cloud, Nasuni’s platform combines back-end data storage into a single source of truth comprised of protected local files, supported with burstable capacity to handle mixed workloads. In 2021 alone, the company witnessed significant customer growth with over 200 net new customers that leverage the Nasuni Filer platform for remote workers and distributed teams managing large-scale datasets at cloud scale.

Nasuni aims to grow its total addressable market by looking beyond traditional heavy users of enterprise file storage such as insurance companies (who use vast amounts of data for risk assessment) or manufacturers (who leverage imaging systems). With this new commitment of funds and resources, Nasuni aims to build on its current offerings around mulit-cloud architecture and edge computing specifically targeting healthcare services and media & entertainment markets. Furthermore, this investment will help extend their product suite with further integrations into existing cloud ecosystems such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Impact of the Investment

The $60 million of new funding for Nasuni will help the cloud storage startup rapidly expand its enterprise-grade cloud-native file storage offerings. With the injection of capital, Nasuni plans to add functionality to its overall portfolio while also establishing a stronger presence in the global marketplace.

bostonbased 60m street growth 148mdeutschersiliconangle

Nasuni’s main point of differentiation from its competitors is its ability to combine cloud storage with on-premises caching, making larger investments more viable for customers and enabling an easy transition from on-prem to the cloud. This approach allows customers to use the most up-to-date technology without large upfront investments in infrastructure or hardware, allowing them to have faster access times and improved efficiency.

Furthermore, Nasuni offers enterprise users unified file storage for distributed and remote workforces, which has been critical to many businesses during Covid times. As security and scalability become increasingly important needs for organizations looking to fuel growth, this investment will help ensure that Nasuni can provide these capabilities with greater speed and agility. Serverless architectures and multi-access remain a priority as well, with enhanced malware protection aiding enterprises’ file sharing efforts in increasing safety levels while accessing data quickly.

Benefits of Nasuni’s Solutions

Nasuni has become an industry leader in cloud file storage solutions, leveraging a hybrid-cloud approach to enable more efficient and secure access for organizations to their data. Their solutions deliver multiple benefits for organizations including:

bostonbased 60m sixth street 148mdeutschersiliconangle

1. Increased Efficiency: For companies that store large amounts of data, Nasuni’s proprietary Unified File System (UFS) allows them to quickly streamline storage and easily manage large datasets while reducing operational costs.

2. Improved Security: Nasuni’s solutions employ multiple layers of security including encryption, authentication and multi-level access controls. Additionally, by leveraging cloud infrastructure, the files are resilient against on-premises incidents.

3. Lower Storage Costs: With NASUNI, companies can avoid the upfront costs associated with investing in on-premises hardware as well as long-term costs associated with servicing the hardware and replacing it as needed. Nasuni allows them to pay only for what they store in the cloud and facilitates scalability as their need grows or decreases over time.

4. More Flexible Employee Access: Users can access the files from all devices—computers, tablets or smartphones from anywhere, anytime—opening up more flexible work styles for employees capable of more remote work processes without disruption or delay in file transfers across devices, locations or platforms due to UFS’ fast transfer speeds.

Challenges Ahead

Amidst the news of the strong funding round, there are challenges that lie ahead for Nasuni. Companies must understand and account for the ever-changing security, performance, and scalability demands that come with cloud file storage before they make their move to the cloud. Additionally, Nasuni must stay agile and responsive as competitors in the cloud storage market evolve with new offerings or pricing changes.

In order to stay competitive in a landscape that is in flux, Nasuni will have to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to customer needs and be willing to quickly adjust in order to meet customer demands. Moreover, Nasuni must ensure it’s implementations are secure by protecting against data breaches and provide customers with data accessibility from anywhere at any time.

Nasuni’s need to remain agile, yet secure will be important for them going forward but will also be an important factor for its customers who rely on the company’s services for their storage needs. For this reason, integrating a comprehensive security plan into Nasuni’s offerings should remain a priority of theirs going forward.


Overall, Nasuni’s fundraising marks an exciting milestone in the cloud file storage industry. With $60 million in new capital, Nasuni is poised to continue innovating and deploying its multi-cloud file storage solutions.

This influx of funding will help the cloud startup stay competitive and maintain a leadership position as the use of cloud storage continues to grow over time. Nasuni’s customers can expect a continued focus on robust security, high availability and reliable performance in their file storage offerings.

The additional resources afforded by this recent round of financing should allow Nasuni to continue helping organizations securely collaborate, store and manage data with confidence moving forward.

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