Sledger is a character and avatar in Tower Defense Simulator who appears as an NPC that will give you missions after you’ve defeated the final boss. But it’s not easy to find him, so I’ll show you how! We’re going to start with the easiest way which anyone can do if they have a parrot like me. If your game doesn’t support this method, try looking for other methods listed on this subreddit.

What is better toxic gunner or Sledger?

I am not sure if you are asking about the game or the character. If you are asking about the game, then Sledger is better because he has a higher chance of getting a kill. If you are asking about the character, then toxic gunner is better because he has more health and does more damage.

How can I get TDS badge?

The TDS badge is a reward for completing the game. You can get it by playing through all of the levels in the campaign mode, or by winning the level-based challenges.

What are some codes for All Star Tower Defense 2021?

The following codes will unlock the corresponding level in All Star Tower Defense 2021.

-Unlock Level 1: GZRKJT
-Unlock Level 2: WYQSXN
-Unlock Level 3: QPWVYH
-Unlock Level 4: XCQMZD
-Unlock Level 5: JGZBNG

Is Electroshocker good in Tower Defense Simulator?

Electroshocker is a very powerful weapon in Tower Defense Simulator. It can be used to take out multiple enemies at once, and it has the ability to stun enemies for a short time.

What is lead damage in TDS?

Lead is a heavy metal that can cause damage to the environment and human health. It is used in many products, including batteries, paint, and water pipes. When it enters the ground or water supply, it can contaminate drinking water.

How do you beat the Badlands duo?

The Badlands duo is a difficult level to beat. You will need to use your lightsaber, and the sabers speed, accuracy and power are all important factors in beating this level.

What is DJ tower battles?

DJ tower battles is a game where you can battle your friends using turntables. You are given the option to choose from various genres of music and then try to outlast your opponent with the highest score.

How do you unlock hidden waves?

There are two ways to unlock hidden waves. The first is to complete a certain number of songs in a row without dying, the second is to beat all of the songs on Expert difficulty.

How do you get gems in Tower Defense Simulator?

You can buy gems with real money, or you can earn them by playing the game and completing missions. Gems are used to purchase new towers and upgrades for your towers.

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