Assassin’s Creed Underworld gives players a chance to explore Egypt, Italy, and Greece in order to uncover the secrets of Venutius Tomb. To find these hidden treasures you’ll need all six pieces of the puzzle that can be found throughout each region.

The “ac valhalla vitus tomb location” is a quest that you can complete in the game Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. It will give you a lot of XP, and an achievement as well.

The Venutius Tomb is one of the four Tombs of the Fallen in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla that you may finish. This mausoleum may be found towards the middle of England, at Anlaf’s Lookout in Eurvicscire. To continue through the tomb and to the other side, you’ll have to solve a succession of traps and riddles. Here’s everything you’ll need to finish the Venutius Tomb in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

If you need to locate the Venutius Tomb, here is the precise location.

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When you enter the tomb, be aware that there is a sharp ice drop-off ahead. Fall over the edge of the ice and then leap onto the first platform if you can time it right. You can go to the bottom by leaping from different platforms, then reaching the rocks, and finally landing at the bottom.

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The following section of the tomb entails a lot of jumping and leaping over the cave to the opposite side. You don’t have to do anything other than keep moving ahead. You’ll eventually reach a section of the tomb that is guarded by a wooden board that you may smash with an arrow or a melee assault. You’ll soon find yourself at the tomb’s major puzzle section.

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To go to the bottom of the chamber, you’ll have to take a leap of faith and then jump onto the platforms on the right side to get to the middle. Make your way to the shielded entrance and approach the first pressure plate after you’ve reached the top. You must first demolish the wooden boxes before placing the huge stone on the pressure plate.

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You’ll be thrust into an ice labyrinth, which you must navigate to reach the other side. If you break one of the ice barriers, it will shatter, causing a fire to erupt on the floor. Stick to the right side of the labyrinth and follow that route all the way through. When you approach the closed door, look for a tiny hole to dive through and into the next chamber, where you’ll discover another ice labyrinth.

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Platforms lead to the side of a drawbridge to the right of the pressure plate. Jump onto the platforms and cross the draw bridge to the other side, where you’ll need to fire arrows at the rope that’s keeping it up. The next puzzle is located behind the draw bridge.

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There are ice barriers here, much as in the previous labyrinth, that may harm you if you shatter them. However, this is not the case for all of them. We were able to discover a passage across this section by staying to the right and utilizing our arrows to smash through the ice barriers. Follow the path to the right until you reach a wooden wall on the left, which you may smash. A key will be on the opposite side of the trap-filled area, and an entry will be accessible below. Return to the room with the locked door after dashing across the chamber to collect the key.

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Above the obstructed tunnel will lie an ice wall. Shoot it with an arrow, and an oil jar will fall through the wall, enabling you to return the enormous object to the pressure plate in the center chamber. Clear a passage through the ice with your bow and arrow.

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The following section begins similarly to the previous one. You’ll need to leap on several levels on the left side of the chamber to get to the opposite side of the bridge and then fire the ropes to bring it down.

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When you get to the next set of problems, go to the right and along this hallway. When you approach a locked door, you’ll know you’ve made it to the finish. It can only be opened by firing an arrow from the other side of the door.

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To the right, you’ll notice a little hole through which you may enter the tomb and explore it further. You’ll eventually come to a location with a platform overlooking the closed door, but if you stay on the platform for too long, you’ll sink too low and be unable to fire your arrow.

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Continue into the tomb once you’ve unlocked the locked door, and you’ll ultimately plunge through the bottom of a shattered wall to your next pressure plate. However, when you go through the region, you’ll come across a platform that will stop you. To get to the top of the chamber, pass through the open door and take the route to the left. On the opposite side, there will be a giant object that you may put onto a platform, which will raise the platform and open up your route.

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You’ll be barred by another gate after pushing through to the next room. You can pull a ladder down to you by firing the lock above you. Climb the ladder to the top, use the mechanism at the top to unlock the gate, and then return to the bottom to continue down the route. Now you may go to the center chamber and put this object on the pressure plate.

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The last pressure plate located towards the start of the chamber, near where you started the tomb. There should be a rope linking the bottom of the room to the top. Reach the bottom and continue the way through the ice room to a gadget you must bring back to the top. Toss the object to the next region when you reach the uphill rise, then go to the ice route.

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You’ll arrive at the tomb’s entrance, where you jumped to the bottom, if you take the ball to the next region. After that, transport the ball to the top of the area and position the movable item between the incline and the rope, exactly in the middle, so you can jump over.

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After jumping over, walk across the rope and onto the tiny wooden pole. After that, hurl the ball onto the problematically shattered pillar. Instead, strive to go closer to the pillar’s core. Jump on the shattered pillar after that, sprint over the rope with the ball, and throw it onto the next level.

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The difficult part is now over. You’ll have to hop over numerous levels to get to the top, throwing the ball into locations where you can precisely reach as you go, but you’ll ultimately get to the top and land the ball on the last pressure point. This is the last problem, and you may now finish it by looting the tomb.

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The “ac valhalla waiting for sunset” is a skill that must be completed in order to complete the Venutius Tomb.

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