“For the longest time, one faction has been considered completely good and another completely evil” is something I hear all the time. How do these factions come into play? What are their motivations? Dedicating game hours to figuring out what makes each side tick feels like a chore.

The “hoi4 best ideology” is a faction that focuses on playstyle, not ideology. Faction members can choose to be either a raider or scavenger, and they have the ability to build settlements and raiders. The faction also has a focus on exploration, so players should expect plenty of base-building opportunities.

There have been a lot of “favorite faction” entries, which is fantastic. However, it seems that some players have a strange approach to comprehending why particular groups were included in the game. They don’t seem to view the factions through the lens of game design.

None of the groups is attempting to “repair” the Commonwealth. For the area, none of these offer long-term, viable answers. The factions’ purpose isn’t to achieve this. Rather having a comprehensive answer, each side focuses on a tiny component of the challenge.

  • MM: The emphasis is on the settlement. Putting the spotlight on the small people and their issues. When opponents become a danger, he eliminates them regardless of ethnicity. Doesn’t look at the larger picture. Doesn’t give a damn about forming a new government or building infrastructure. They are only a paramilitary group that assists particular villages. The MM will not cooperate with the Institute until you force their hand. The MM will remain away until the Institute attacks them. In a manner, they’re assisting others so that others may assist them. Together, we’re more powerful.
  • Focus on the military in FO4 BoS. Power armour, technology, and huge bada booms are the focus. Military operations with vertibirds and heavy weaponry on a large scale. They are exclusively concerned with 1) eliminating “threats,” 2) obtaining sophisticated technology, and 3) eliminating “abominations” based on their race. The fo4 BoS are unconcerned about the Commonwealth’s people, despite the fact that they justify their activities by claiming that they are all essential. Maxson has cult-like devotion. The fo4 BoS assist themselves and hope that by doing so, they will be able to help others.
  • RR: I’m interested in covert operations and underdogs. The focus is on anti-slavery. This is a group that barely escaped an Institute onslaught and is now clawing its way back from the brink of annihilation. It’s for folks who wish to conduct small-scale clandestine operations for good reasons. These individuals are essentially laying down their lives to end slavery, with little or no gain to themselves. They are only concerned with assisting synthesizers. They’d be stretched too thin and compromised if they sought to aid everyone.
  • Institute with a high-tech concentration. The concentration is shown as malevolent and self-centered. While the Institute has the potential to dramatically transform the Commonwealth, the individuals who work there don’t seem to care. It’s unknown why the Director can’t persuade them to act more benevolently, but there’s no denying that the Institute is responsible for a slew of crimes, including being the canonical source of all super mutants. (I’m not sure how they were able to manufacture that many SMs, but I’m going to head-canon it as Institute SMs being able to reproduce, perhaps?)
  • Raider emphasis for the Nuka Raiders. For those who don’t want to be the nice guy this time around. They may want to do settlements, but they aren’t really interested in “helping.” They contribute to a more balanced game.

You don’t have to agree with each faction’s beliefs to enjoy their gameplay. There is no such thing as an ideal faction.

The way you play is crucial. If you wish to concentrate on children? MM. If you’re looking for military might, here is the place to go. BoS. If you’re looking for a stealthy underdog, go no further. RR. If you’re looking for the diabolical masterminds, go no further. Institute. If you wish to rule the Commonwealth, what should you do? Nuka Raiders is a video game. A MM, BoS, RR, or Institute playstyle isn’t for everyone. The many possibilities are available to those who want them.

“The RR shouldn’t be a big faction,” is akin to stating “heavy weapons shouldn’t have a weapon perk since I don’t like concentrating on them.” You won’t find all you’re looking for. The RR is for those who like being the underdog. They are the only group that caters to this market.

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For the game Fallout 4, write “fo4 Factions: Focus on Playstyle, not philosophy.”

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The “hoi4 anarchist communism” is a faction that focuses on playstyle, not ideology. This faction is the only one in Fallout 4 to take this approach.

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