How many songs can fit on a 16 gigabyte ipod? What are the best ways to organize and store music for your iphone or android device?

How many GB do you need on an iPod?

The amount of GB needed for an iPod depends on the size of songs that you want to put on it. If youre looking to put a few smaller songs on your iPod, then you will need less GB than if you are looking to put a lot of larger songs on your iPod.

Is 32 GB enough on an iPod?

32 GB is enough for most people. However, if you are planning on storing a lot of music or videos then you might want to consider getting a 64GB or 128GB model.

How many songs can a 30GB iPod hold?

The capacity of an iPod is dependent on the size of the hard disk. The 30GB iPod has a hard disk that is 1,000MB in size. This means it can hold up to 29,000 songs.

Is an iPod worth buying?

An iPod is a great way to listen to music and other media on the go. Its also a good way to store your favorite songs, photos, videos, and more. You can even use it as an alarm clock!

How many generations of iPod are there?

There are three generations of iPod. The first generation was released in 2001, the second generation was released in 2003, and the third generation was released in 2005.

How many iPods did 2001 sell?

There is no way to know exactly how many iPods were sold in 2001, but it was a very successful year for the iPod. In 2001, Apple sold over 20 million iPods.

Why are iPods still so expensive?

The iPod is a very popular device, but the demand for it has been declining. This means that the cost of manufacturing and maintaining these devices has gone up.

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