Today is my daughter’s first day as a Guardian! She is so excited to be able to play the game with her friends and help keep them safe.

Today is my daughter’s first day as a Guardian! She has been playing this game for years now, and she is finally able to play with her friends.

Hello everyone, this is my daughter’s first day as a Guardian, as stated in the headline! I don’t have many friends that play anymore, so I wanted to tell you about my experience. She enjoys video games, but she has always said that she would never play a first-person shooter. She’s been seeing me play Destiny lately and wants to join in on the fun. I was so ecstatic to acquire a new member of my fireteam that I even created a Lore entry for him as my guardian. If anybody wants to read it, I’ve included it below.

What is the source of the light? What is the fate of my life? Like I walked among the piles of rusting old cars as a guardian, my sole concern was survival. I grabbed any weapons I could find and smashed my way through any enemies that came my way. Along the way, I honed my abilities, smashing my foes with deadly smashes and shielding friends with unbreakable wards. Among the tower’s numerous new guards, I found my position. I made a lot of friends, but my fireteam was always there for me. A talented and crafty Hunter, as well as a Warlock with unrivaled knowledge. On our mission to halt the Vex of the Black Garden, we traveled on numerous trips together. We were among the first guards to penetrate the Vault of Glass and assassinate the mighty Atheon. We gained new abilities and were more powerful. We eventually became powerful enough to kill a deity. Oryx the Taken King couldn’t stand a chance against our combined strength and ability to work together. My only objective at the moment was to strengthen my fireteam so that nothing could harm mankind or the traveler. I used to think that this was my fate. With the arrival of the Cabal Empire, everything changed. Ghaul took the source of our strength and our very essence of existence. Fortunately, my fireteam escaped the tower’s first assault. We sent Ghaul and awoke the traveler, but it was to be our last assignment as a fireteam. My brother, the Warlock, was killed in combat against the Cabal Emperor, and The Hunter went out on his own. He once asked for my assistance in exacting vengeance for Cayde-6’s death. In my travels across the craters of Earth’s moon and the snow drifts of Europa, I’ve even seen him a few times. For certain jobs, I’ve teamed up with other guardians, but I usually work alone. Nothing will ever be able to replace the hole left by my fireteam’s demise. I began to study the Darkness’ methods and acquired its strength. I started to wonder about the light’s meaning and purpose. I started to have doubts about my fate. Something has changed since Savathun, the Witch Queen, returned. My encounters with her have caused me and the tourist to have doubts. I’ve also started to get flashes of myself before I became a guardian. I’m not sure whether this is the consequence of Savathun’s deception or if it’s a summoning. In these visions, I see a daughter, I feel pride, and I understand that I must have been a parent at some time in the past. When I look at this body, which has been made of metal for longer than I’ve been a guardian, I have my concerns. The Festival of the Lost is approaching quickly. A time for guardians to enjoy a good time while reflecting on what they’ve lost. I went to the Cosmodrome to think about my fireteam and all I’ve lost. Old Russia is not as bustling as it was when I first began my trip. The numerous new lights, as well as the occasional guardian, will come through. When a fiery sword cut burst through the sky, I was battling my way through a gathering of fallen. When I glanced up, I saw a new guardian, who seemed to be enjoying her newfound powers. I was able to see the face of this new guardian after the flames had died down. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was she who had done it. The girl who had been in my visions was now standing in front of me. She asked if I could guide her through the process of becoming a guardian. I knew then that I had discovered my light, my destiny.

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For the game Destiny 2, write “Today is my daughter’s first day as a Guardian!”

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Today is my daughter’s first day as a Guardian! I am so excited for her. She has been working hard to prepare herself and now she is ready to start her journey as a Guardian. Reference: guardian letter for child.

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