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Lightlytics is a DevOps services provider dedicated to helping clients unlock the potential of their business. Our core services focus on delivering DevOps solutions that help organizations adopt the best practices and tools needed to build and maintain effective software systems. We understand how teams work together to build and scale their products. In addition, we provide support in leveraging cloud-native technologies such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and more.

Our core service offerings include:

  • Product and Release management – Developing product strategies, creating release plans, managing feature releases, automating workflows and optimizing their release processes.
  • Analytics engineering – Designing data architectures for customers’ big data initiatives using modern tools like Apache Spark.
  • Cloud adoption – Working with customers to identify the benefits of cloud computing for their business and developing best practices for transitioning workloads from on-premises to cloud infrastructure.
  • Platform operations – Helping customers troubleshoot issues with their applications or systems quickly without disrupting operations. They can also optimize operations by ensuring the scalability of applications or properly configuring software-defined networks (SDN).

In addition, our team offers maintenance services such as system administration tasks such as patching and upgrades; building new modules such as monitoring solutions to improve system efficiency; development tasks like creating APIs; conducting code reviews; supporting application migrations; providing technical assistance in debugging; producing technical documentation; performing analytics projects related to performance optimization; which involve customization of design patterns in areas like chatbots or natural language processing (NLP). Finally we provide insights into DevOps trends based on current market research initiatives conducted by our experts to ensure our clients are kept up-to-date on industry developments.

The funding will help Lightlytics expand its already impressive suite of services and direct tailored support for clients undergoing digital transformations with DevOps teams at the forefront. As a result, Lightlytics will continue improving its capability to meet customer needs regardless of technology platform or service model type allowing customers to reap all its benefits even faster now than ever!

Overview of Lightlytics

Lightlytics is a SaaS platform which provides end-to-end services for DevOps teams. In addition, it offers a suite of automated tools which keep teams organized and productive.

With their recent funding, Lightlytics will expand its services and support, enabling DevOps teams to build, deploy, and manage their solutions more effectively.

Let’s take a look at what Lightlytics has to offer.

Their mission

Lightlytics is an open-source, cloud-hosted DevOps platform for teams of any size. They aim to bridge the gap between development and operations, enabling teams to quickly deliver high-quality applications and services.

They provide easy access to powerful DevOps services and a collaborative environment where teams can work together using agile methods.

The funding will enable Lightlytics to expand its services and support for DevOps teams. It will allow them to add new features such as custom dashboards and analytics solutions and provide training resources to help teams better understand DevOps principles, practices, and tools.

They also plan to launch a managed service offering, allowing customers to spin up hosted development environments effortlessly. In addition, with the investment they’ve raised, Lightlytics is committed to offering free plans for small startups and nonprofits who would like the same tools available for their projects but may not have the financial means to do so.

Their services

Lightlytics is a leading managed service provider for DevOps teams, offering innovative solutions for projects and tactical activities that require DevOps expertise. These services are provided through their suite of products and integrated delivery platform, which provides customers with faster time-to-value and resources to go above and beyond.

Lightlytics leverages cloud technology and process automation to help clients reduce their total cost of ownership, streamline their operational processes, quickly target key performance indicators (KPIs), and ensure the highest quality of service for end users. This comprehensive suite can be used across multiple environments including cloud-native applications, REST services, microservices, APIs, serverless functions, and web services.

Lightlytics’ offerings include Infrastructure as Code (IAC) orchestration solutions such as Atlas Engine templates; CI/CD patterns and workflows; provisioning tools; monitoring capabilities based on ElasticSearch dashboards; patch management systems; restful log analytics tools such as Elastic Common Schema; learning models design support using Splunk Prediction Studio platform; operational engineering support via Nagios Core integration; secure Deployment Insights with security operations center (SOC) compliance assurances; privilege escalation management options with user access control (UAC). Through this suite of integrations, users can quickly gain insights into KPIs for better cost control and optimization outcomes.

To provide these high-end services to its customers, Lightlytics leverages investments from venture capital firms. Recently the funding will help them expand their offerings in cloud infrastructure automation, monitoring platform integrations, analytics & artificial intelligence capacities related to logging & dashboard creation in Kubernetes clusters or Amazon Web Services (AWS). By accessing these resources through the Lightlytics platform users can benefit from an end-to-end managed service that provides reliable results in shorter timescales.

Services Offered by Lightlytics

Lightlytics is a platform that offers services to DevOps teams. Many companies have used it to improve their performance and automation. With its recent funding round, Lightlytics is expanding its services and support for DevOps teams.

Let’s take a closer look at the services offered by Lightlytics.

Automation and Orchestration

Lightlytics is an automation and orchestration platform that provides DevOps teams with the necessary tools to automate processes, manage deployments, and integrate services. Automation and orchestration are essential components of the DevOps toolchain that help organizations more quickly implement changes while reducing manual effort. Lightlytics’ automated infrastructure-as-code solution enables developers to quickly create and deploy their infrastructure in a secure, repeatable, and reliable manner.

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The platform also provides configuration management capabilities to automate setup, ensure compliance across environments, and manage lifecycle events. It offers declarative configuration automation across applications and deployment and testing tools for agile development pipelines. The platform also supports CI/CD pipelines for automated builds and release processes through service integration plugins with popular CI/CD tools including Jenkins and Azure Pipeline. Additionally, Lightlytics has capabilities for containerization support via Kubernetes deployments and data testing with tools such as Chef InSpec. DevOps teams achieve greater operational insight through these services by easily integrating into existing service architectures.

Lightlytics’ services have enabled customers from various industries to accelerate the delivery of quality applications while providing continuous compliance assurance across their entire systems configurations. Furthermore, with the help of internet funding Lightlytics is extending its technical scope of services beyond current offerings which further enables DevOps teams gain access to features needed most to streamline process excellence.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) is a core service provided by Lightlytics. Based on the client’s specific needs, Lightlytics works with them to determine the optimal processes, deployments, and tools they will use to implement best practices in CI/CD. This includes but is not limited to managing source code repositories like GitLab or GitHub for automated builds and versions control, configuring continuous integration (CI) pipelines for automated testing, developing automation scripts for software diagnostics or execution of maintenance tasks. It also includes setting up Kubernetes clusters from scratch and Continuous Delivery (CD) processes such as Blue/Green Deployments. The team at Lightlytics also works with clients require to leverage Operational Insight through deploying monitoring agents like Prometheus on their cloud environment.

With the funding recently acquired, Lightlytics will be able to expand their services CI/CD services further and provide even better support for DevOps teams in working towards automating every aspect of their application delivery cycles securely and efficiently.

DevOps Consulting

Lightlytics offers DevOps consulting services to help organizations bring digital solutions to life faster and better. These offerings include:

  • Development and deployment strategy
  • Architecture design and implementation best practices
  • Infrastructure, Continuous Integration/Delivery (CI/CD) practice automation
  • Cloud migration strategies and optimization services
  • Software security hardening
  • Audit, assessment, monitoring measurements and communications process automation protection.

Lightlytics’ DevOps team comprises experts with extensive experience in development and operations, enabling us to build a uniquely effective approach beyond consulting. We collaborate with our customers to understand their needs and develop custom solutions that increase production quality while decreasing operational costs. Lightlytics prides itself on staying current on all the latest trends in infrastructure as code concepts and modern infrastructure management strategies while leveraging the best existing tool chain such as version control systems like Git or popular continuous integration pipelines such as Jenkins or Microsoft’s Azure Pipelines.

We believe strongly in enablement for our customers, so our approach follows an integrated model of education, enablement processes, and advisory-based engagements. An organization’s DevOps journey to be successful requires appropriate depth understanding from developers, ops teams and business owners. Therefore, when collaborating with customers, our goal is to promote a shared understanding within the organization from different perspectives regarding software performance & operations aspects.

Security and Compliance

Lightlytics values the safety and security of its users and offers a range of services to protect from malicious actors. The company implements an information security governance system to ensure data is stored and transmitted safely. It also helps customers pursue regulatory compliance with applicable laws, privacy policies, international standards, and industry best practices. Security and compliance solutions are tailored to meet the needs of each customer’s DevOps team.

Lightlytics provides software development support services such as application security testing and code review, web application penetration testing, system hardening, PCI DSS compliance support services such as design reviews for infrastructure components, secure cloud deployments and configuration management for enterprise systems. Additionally, Lightlytics assists with certificate management to improve authentication processes and encryption protocols associated with data transmission across networks. These security-focused services are supported by multiple layers of hardware-based firewalls configured by highly trained network engineers.

Benefits of Lightlytics’ Services

Lightlytics offers services and support that can help DevOps teams streamline their workflow and build better, faster systems. These services include consultative guidance, product implementation, and ongoing technical support.

With the latest round of funding, Lightlytics can expand and enhance these services further, which will help DevOps teams work even more effectively.

Increased Productivity

Lightlytics’ services offer DevOps teams increased agility, productivity and reliability. The company’s leading-edge service delivery system automates tasks such as Continuous Delivery (CD), Continuous Testing (CT) and Continuous Integration (CI). These services ensure that teams can quickly produce code with fewer mistakes. In addition, Lightlytics has cloud-based DevOps tools for cloud infrastructure setup, development environments and web applications.

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The funding that Lightlytics has received will help expand their services and support for DevOps teams. They have already developed multiple products such as Monitoring & Analytics, Security & Compliance Solutions and Infrastructure as Code Dashboard to better meet the needs of these teams. Furthermore, Lightlytics’ development team is also working on several new applications to offer meaningful insights that can further benefit DevOps teams in terms of automation, improved collaboration and accelerated development cycles so that they can release higher quality software faster.

Improved Quality

Lightlytics’ services are designed to provide DevOps teams with superior-quality solutions, helping them to achieve better outcomes. Through their innovative DevOps platform, lightax, they aim to assist clients in meeting the challenges posed by digital transformation and its effect on application development networks. It combines siloed tools, data sources, and processes into a single coordinated system of DevOps.

The result is improved quality of service at every stage of the software development life cycle. Teams get an accurate assessment of performance metrics that measure quality assurance and ensure efficient alignment between required tasks and delivered results. In addition, they can better understand the impact of each sprint on their overall performance goals.

The platform also helps streamline the delivery process, improving efficiency for faster time-to-market deployments. Lightlytics’ suite of services incorporates best practices for automating processes and testing so that development teams can focus on solving real problems in production with full confidence. This includes ensuring security compliance before deployment, freeing up resources by automating manual tests, reducing infrastructure costs by preventing bottlenecks from occurring at every stage of release cycles, and improved decision making through organized tracking.

Enhanced Security

At Lightlytics, we understand that security is essential in DevOps applications. As a result, our team is highly experienced in configuring and managing software security systems to reduce potential data breaches.

We specialize in implementing advanced access control practices, secure authentication systems, encryption tools and other measures that help protect data and prevent unauthorized access.

By taking advantage of Lightlytics’ services, DevOps teams can enjoy greater peace of mind knowing their applications are as secure as possible.

The funding will help Lightlytics expand its services and support for DevOps teams

Lightlytics, leading software development company, recently announced it had secured funding of $20 million to expand its services and support for DevOps teams.

This funding will help Lightlytics expand its services and support for DevOps teams, including cloud management, security, performance monitoring, cost optimization, deployment automation and debugging.

In this article, we take a closer look at the expansion plans that Lightlytics has for the DevOps teams.

Expansion of Services

Lightlytics is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for DevOps teams. The company plans to expand its services with the recent influx of funds. This includes offering improved customer service, faster response times, and specialized customer support teams. It is also planning to increase its range of services, such as debugging tools and monitoring solutions, to help DevOps teams achieve a seamless and automated workflow.

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The company will also invest in educational platforms and resources, such as tutorials and whitepapers, that promote best practices among DevOps teams. This educational aspect will remain consistent with Lightlytics’ core mission: “Helping DevOps teams build better applications faster”. Additionally, Lightlytics is investing in research & development to continuously refine its existing solutions and create new ones that deliver higher quality products quickly to meet customer demand promptly.

Ultimately, these expansion plans will help lighten the burden on DevOps teams worldwide—making them more efficient, productive and successful.

Expansion of Support

The funding that Lightlytics has recently secured will be used to expand the support and services provided to DevOps teams. With this new influx of capital, Lightlytics will be able to increase the range and breadth of solutions available for customers. This is expected to include automated processes that can accurately feed back metrics from orchestration and delivery pipelines and real-time insights for data-driven decision making.

Other focus areas for the expansion efforts include product development and improved customer service. For example, we may build more templates and automation libraries for items like cloud deployments or Firewall configurations. Additionally, further investments will be made into our on-demand setup assistance so developers can get a one-on-one experience with experienced engineers when dealing with unique problems or hybrid architectures.

Lightlytics sincerely hopes that these expanded solutions and services provide increased value to our users so they can quickly obtain reliable metrics, complete automation sequences faster, reduce complexity, optimize costs, and secure best practices across sophisticated cloud transformations.


The funding that Lightlytics received will help it expand its services and support for DevOps teams, allowing them to more quickly and easily access valuable analytics insights, while providing specialized guidance to ensure successful execution of their projects.

Lightlytics is a comprehensive suite of services tailored specifically for DevOps teams. Lightlytics offers access to an AI-enabled platform for fully automated, real time development monitoring and analytics and customer success sessions, including personalized training and guidance from technical experts.

With all of these features, it is easy to see how the services offered by Lightlytics can help DevOps teams stay ahead of the curve and provide exceptional service in delivering quality applications with maximum speed.

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