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Do you want to know about the new social platform taking the world by storm?

With 100 million monthly users, Snapchat’s TikTok competitor is making waves in the digital sphere. So get ready to hear about the features and potential of this new platform that could soon rival its predecessor!

Snapchat’s rival to the popular short video sharing app, TikTok, is already seeing major success. The ” Spotlight ” app has already achieved 100 million monthly users in nearly two months since its November 2020 launch. This is a surprise not just for Snapchat but also for parent company Snap Inc.

Snap Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel spoke of the success in a recent letter to shareholders: “We are off to a strong start with Spotlight and have seen a massive appetite from our community.”

The accomplishment speaks to Snapchat’s platform strength and ability to adapt alongside its competitors. Moreover, as streaming services become increasingly popular, for Snap Inc., it represents an enormous opportunity that the company is pursuing with vigor. In Spiegel’s words: “These results show that we can replicate our original content strategy across media formats.”

Snap’s New App

The success of Snapchat’s new app launched in August, called Spotlight, has caught the attention of its competitor TikTok. Snap Inc said Thursday that Spotlight already has 100 million monthly users and rewards users for posting videos.

Spotlight is modeled after Snapchat’s Discover channel, highlighting content from professional creators. The app gives users more exposure outside of the traditional Snap network. On Snapchat, videos posted by friends usually compete for attention with stories from professional publishers and influencers, but Spotlight puts those amateur videos in the limelight. To encourage people to make original content regularly, the app also rewards creators roughly $ 1 million daily.

The app could position itself as a rival to Tiktok by featuring largely Gen Z-generated content crafted to stand out against old-guard advertising formats like TV commercials and billboards. The differential between YouTube or TikTok and Spotlight is that it didn’t want participants to have extended periods devoted to creating content; instead it focuses more on spontaneous rapid-fire videos that capture attention but don’t take hours worth of work to construct. That idea could tap better into audiences fatigued by tasks like Zoom calls or lengthy meetings throughout the pandemic who might find a brief escape in an app like this – something where you don’t need a plan going in – but just an engagement with funny or interesting content coming out on their terms without any sort of maximum time commitment associated with it.

Snap says its TikTok competitor already has 100 million monthly users

Snap has set itself apart from its competitors by emphasizing privacy and content authenticity more. The company’s Snapchat application was launched as an innovative way for users to quickly exchange short-lived photos and videos with friends. However, its strength lies in its stories feature, offering personalized, real-life snaps to followers and letting them follow a moment in time.

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To stay ahead of the curve, Snap has recently ventured into the social media platform TikTok, with its competitor called Spotlight. It has announced that it will pay out up to $1 million daily to users who post engaging content to Spotlight allowing them access to monetization opportunities they may otherwise not have access to on TikTok.

Spotlight’s success thus far is in no small part due to Snap’s aggressive strategy when it comes to marketing the platform. They have been actively pushing campaigns designed specifically for Snapchatters that reward users for giving Spotlight creators visibility, resulting in high viewership numbers.

It remains unclear what the long-term implications will be for Snapchat or if Spotlight will challenge TikTok’s dominance in the market. Still, there is no denying its popularity among Snapchatters who recently propelled it above 100 million monthly users – an impressive milestone within a short period.

Features of the App

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms, and the launch of its TikTok competitor in 2020 has already made a substantial impact. The app, known as ‘Spotlight’, offers an array of features for users to take advantage of and involves creating and sharing short-form video content.

Users can film videos up to 8 seconds long and apply various effects for cool visual appeal. Additionally, users can choose from Snapchat’s music library that fits featured timing requirements and accompanies their video content. With this feature they can go beyond the usual editing tools such as editing speed or trimming.

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Similarly to TikTok, users can follow others that create exciting videos allowing them to explore unique interests and connect with like-minded individuals worldwide. Furthermore, Snapchat provides users with fun and quirky stickers that can be used while they capture their masterpieces on Spotlight or use in any sharing moments with friends.

With all its amazing features, Spotlight’s success since its launch isn’t hard to understand. By allowing people access to an engaging platform where they can be encouraged by others while honing in on their skills – it’s no surprise that over 100 million monthly users are successfully connecting through Snapchat’s new offering!

Benefits of the App

Snapchat’s attempt to compete with TikTok is already off to a strong start. According to Snap Inc., the video-sharing platform, their new app released in late April already has 100 million monthly users.

Using the same familiar features that made TikTok so popular, Snapchat’s new app provides users an easy way to share high-quality and entertaining videos with their friends and a wider community of viewers. The app also offers some unique benefits that may appeal even more so than TikTok.

snap 100m maus 175kkastrenakes theverge

For one, it has a built-in photo editing system called Lens Studio allowing anyone to become a content creator or influencer. It also offers special sectional content such as Spotlight where users can browse trending videos, Gameshows which challenges user creativity and Together mode where users can hang out with up to 32 friends on split-screen for more meaningful interactions.

The success of this platform relies heavily on its user base engagement and this attempt by Snap Inc to provide an entertaining video sharing experience could prove very beneficial in the long run.

Challenges Faced

Since its launch in November 2019, Snapchat’s answer to the hugely popular TikTok app has seen solid growth with 100 million monthly users. Yet even with such a strong start and this impressive user base, the platform faces great challenges when competing against its larger and more established rivals.

A key challenge for the team at Snapchat is that TikTok has a significantly larger user base – close to 1 billion active users worldwide – so the platform must offer compelling content and an engaging user experience to compete. There are also issues with discoverability and distribution where Snapchat remains far behind TikTok, as well as questions around monetising the platform’s content given existing competitors already have better mature strategies.

Another potential challenge for Snapchat is that it already has a loyal user base of its own and video offerings are rooted deeply into its core offering, so there may be some resistance from within regarding new features or content that’s introduced. These challenges will require a lot of focus and attention from Snapchat to make headway against such established competition.

User Statistics

Snapchat recently announced that its new application, Spotlight, has achieved its goal of exceeding 100 million monthly active users as of April 2021. Spotlight is the social media giant’s latest move to compete with TikTok, targeting young Snapchat users while trying to capture some of TikTok’s massive attention. With a greater emphasis on longer-form content and the ability to earn money by creating videos on Snapchat, the platform appears well-positioned to take advantage of a growing trend further shifting away from static content.

One major advantage for Spotlight is that its user base overlaps significantly with existing Snapchat users – leading to significant growth potential going forward. According to Snap, 58 percent of Spotlight engagements were driven by existing Snapchat users over the last two quarters. Additionally, more than 10 million unique creators contributed content to Spotlight in February 2021 alone – a 41 percent increase from December 2020 – with viewers watching for an average of more than six minutes daily.

Snapchat is gaining momentum in this battle against TikTok and it looks like it may be worth keeping an eye out for as growth continues and features change over time.


In conclusion, it’s clear that Snapchat’s new ‘TikTok competitor’, Spotlight, is quickly becoming a popular app on its terms. With 100 million monthly users already, it has the potential to become the next big platform for digital content creation and sharing.

For Snapchat, this could be a huge moment in its journey from being an upstart networking app to an established social media player. With more opportunities to create and curate content for its vast user base, Spotlight may be a boon for long-term growth, increased engagement, and higher ad revenues for Snapchat.

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