“How to catch mesprit platinum” is a guide that tells you how to catch the elusive Mesprit in Pokemon Platinum. The game is only available on the Nintendo DS, but this guide will help with any version of Pokemon Diamond or Pearl.

The Mesprit in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and the Kalos Region is a Psychic-type Legendary Pokémon. It’s level range from 66 to 70, but it only appears once per day at certain points of the game. The best way to get your hands on this elusive creature? Catch one through Wonder Trade! Learn how here!.

We’ve created this post for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond players who want to learn how to capture Mesprit in the game. We’ve covered all you need to know about capturing Mesprit in Brilliant Diamond in this post.

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, here’s how to get Mesprit.

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In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, how can you catch Mesprit?

Although catching Mesprit in this game is very tough, you may apply some tactics to capture him in the Brilliant Diamond and Pearl game. Mesprit, a Lake Guardian, is one of two wandering Pokemon in BDSP. In the Pokemon Brilliant Diamong game, catching this Lake Guardian is not simple. It is constantly attempting to flee the combat. We’ll provide you with some tips and techniques for catching this lake guardian in the game.

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The Mesprit may be found near Lake Verity’s Verity Cavern. When certain criteria are met, you will locate them. Mesprit may be obtained in the Verity Cavern in Lake Verity after the events of Spear Pillar. You must get to the point in the most precise manner possible. It will escape till the Mesprit is found.

Mesprit’s Best Catching Strategy in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

After learning How To Catch Mesprit in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, you may be interested in learning some useful methods. We’ve outlined several tactics that will assist you in catching the Mesprit in this fantastic game:

  • You may travel to the Valley Windworks and run to Route 205 from there. According to the Marking Map Poketch app, Mesprit would be at the same position.
  • You can use Repel to save the game if this occurs. You may also wait till Mesprit arrives in the thick grass or in the surf water.
  • In your party, you must have a Pokemon that is under level 50 in the first place. On your Poketch, you’ll also need the Marking Map app. You can obtain the Marking Map app from the Poketch Headquarters in Jubilife City if you don’t already have it.
  • At the outset of the combat, you must pick one of the following options:
    • If it’s feasible, use the Quick Ball Method to inflict a status condition. In the game, you may utilize the same strategy to confront the Mesprit. Even if it escapes, it will carry disease and devastation with it. Once you’ve determined that Mesprit has grown vulnerable, you may employ the Quick Ball in every battle.
    • Master Ball Method: You may employ the Master Ball Method after you’ve found the Mesprit.
    • Mean Look Method: You may utilize the Mean Look method on your first turn to help you beat Mesprit in the game. After then, you may keep spamming Ultra Balls until you capture it.

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We’ve covered all you need to know about catching Mesprit in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Keep an eye on this space for further information about Mesprit catching. We’ll be the first to let you know if we learn anything new about the Mesprit in this game.


It was a step-by-step instruction to catching Mesprit in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. Now, we’d want to wrap up this post with the hope that you’ve learned everything there is to know about capturing Mesprit Brilliant in this game. If you have any questions about Mesprit Brilliant, please leave them in the comments area. We’d be pleased to answer any questions you have about catching Mesprit in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond.

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“Mesprit is a Pokemon that can only be caught in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. It’s not easy to catch, but it’s worth the effort.” Reference: why is mesprit so hard to catch.

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