When you purchase an item on Ebay, the seller is required to leave feedback for a buyer. In this article we’ll explore what ebay’s policy states about giving and leaving feedback and how it affects users when they are not compliant with the policies set by eBay.

How do I challenge neutral feedback on eBay?

You can challenge neutral feedback by contacting the seller and asking them to review your listing. If they do not respond, you can file a dispute with eBay.

How do you request feedback removed on eBay?

The best way to request feedback removal is to contact the seller and ask them to remove it. If you cannot find the seller, you can also send a message through eBays messaging system.

How do I stop a buyer from leaving negative feedback?

If you have a buyer who is leaving negative feedback, there are two ways to stop this. The first way is to send them a message explaining that they were not satisfied with their purchase and why. The second way is to offer them a refund or replacement for the item.

Should I reply eBay feedback?

Feedback is not a good way to gauge the quality of your work. Its important to remember that feedback is just one persons opinion, and it doesnt always reflect how others will feel about your work.

How do I review feedback on eBay?

You can review feedback on eBay by going to the sellers page and clicking on the Feedback tab. There you will see a list of all your past transactions with that seller, as well as any feedback left by previous buyers.

What should eBay buyers say for positive feedback?


eBay buyers should always leave positive feedback for sellers. This is the best way to ensure that you are getting good service and your transactions go smoothly.

What does 100 buyer satisfaction on eBay mean?

100 buyer satisfaction on eBay means that the seller has received 100 positive feedbacks from buyers. This is a good indication of how well the seller has done in the past and how satisfied their customers are with their products.

Are eBay ratings reliable?

eBay ratings are not reliable. The seller and the buyer can rate each other with a positive or negative rating, but this is not an accurate representation of the quality of the product.

Why can’t I leave negative feedback on eBay for a seller?

eBays feedback system is designed to protect buyers and sellers from false claims. If someone leaves a negative review, the seller can dispute it and have the review removed.

Should I leave negative feedback on eBay?

If you are not happy with your purchase, then it is always a good idea to leave negative feedback on eBay. This will help other people avoid the same problem in the future.

How do you thank customers for good feedback?

We appreciate all feedback and good reviews. If you have a positive experience with our product, please leave us a review on the App Store or Google Play.

What is a constructive feedback?

A constructive feedback is a way to give feedback on how you think something could be improved. It can be anything from a suggestion for an improvement, to a complaint about something that doesnt work as it should.

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