You may have heard a lot about blockchain lately. The technology is the backbone of cryptocurrency, but it’s also being used in other industries – including gaming! While many companies are just starting to use this revolutionary tech for games, some already boast successful projects. In today’s article we’ll go over our top picks for best-in-class cosmetic variants on popular titles like Fortnite and Halo 5: Guardians.

The “legendary gold hoarder” is a legendary variant of the Compass Cosmetic. The cosmetic is one of the most popular skins in the game and can be obtained from playing or opening crates.

The modest compass is one of the most underappreciated pieces of equipment in Sea of Thieves.

Don’t ignore it, however, since you’ll want to keep your eyes on it at all times whether solving puzzles or embarking on Athena adventures.

Also, a compass direction is much superior than ‘over here!’ or ‘that way!’ for the sake of your crew’s sanity.

So, with that in mind, let’s hunt for a good compass to examine!


10. The Silent Barnacle’s Compass

Gold Shop Price: 37,800 Equipment Shop is the location.

This battered compass may not seem to be much at first glance.

But let’s start with something that only the most expert wreck divers will ever be able to access.

The Hoarder of Barnacled Gold Commendation for delivering 300 Shipwrecked chests has the Compass of the Silent Barnacle closed behind him.

These boxes are frequently discovered on shipwrecks, but given that you’ll only locate a few at a time, it’s easy to understand why this compass is so uncommon.

If you choose this cosmetic, you may expect to drown, get devoured by sharks, and be beaten up by mermaids.

Is it really worth it? You make the call!


9. The fabled Hoarder Compass

Legendary Hoarder Compass from Sea of Thieves

3500 dollars Gold Hoarders Tent is the location of the gold shop.

The Gold Hoarders appear to like handing out compasses as prizes (there are a bunch), but they kept the best for last.

The Legendary Hoarder Compass is the most ornamental of the bunch, and is granted for attaining level 50 with the Gold Hoarders.

One of the coolest things about the Gold Hoarders is that each time you obtain a compass, it becomes a little nicer.

And if that’s your goal, you’ll get wealthy in the process.


Compass of the Rogue Sea Dog

Rogue Sea Dog Compass from Sea of Thieves

2800 GOLD STORE COST Equipment Shop is the location.

If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, check out the Gold Hoarders’ eerie competition.

The Rogue Sea Dog Compass is a clean and tidy instrument that may be purchased after the Order Of Souls reaches level 46.

It won’t let you down, and we can all thank the Order for resisting the urge to make it out of a skull…


Compass of the Merchant Alliance

Merchant Alliance Compass from Sea of Thieves

N/A (not available) N/A is the location of the store.

It’s only right that the faction that leads you to every nook and cranny of the map also provides you with a great classic-style compass.

The Merchant Alliance Compass is a more conventional version of this item that is given as a reward for receiving the Unrivalled Emissary Of Merchant Commendation.

You’ll earn this if you attain Merchant Alliance Emissary Grade 5 20 times.

However, take care:

At Reapers Hideout, your Emissary Flag is worth a lot of money, and if a Grade 5 flag is trailing from your ship, you’re a juicy target for anybody willing to get their hands dirty.


Dawn Hunter Compass, No. 6

Dawn Hunter Compass from Sea of Thieves

Gold Shop Price: 37,800 Equipment Shop is the location.

To hunt down their targets, a competent Reaper will utilize every tool at their disposal.

And if you want the next compass on this list, you’ll have to do precisely that.

The Plundered Prizes Grade 2 Commendation is given to the Dawn Hunter Compass for turning in 240 things while flying the Reapers Emissary Flag.

Nothing prevents you from picking up riches from the ground and just raising the flag when you turn it in – but would you want to go on the wrong side of the Reaper Emissaries?

I wouldn’t do that.


5. Victorious Sea Dog Compass

Triumphant Sea Dog Compass from Sea of Thieves

Price: $16,985 Shop for Gold Equipment Shop is the location.

Some of the rarest items in Sea of Thieves is locked behind activities that take hours to accomplish.

However, some are merely buried behind features that the ordinary player would be unaware of.

The Triumphant Sea Dog Compass has a deep blue face and is a beautiful ornamental silver compass. However, if you’re wondering why you’ve never seen one before, consider the following:

You’ll need the Sea Dog Seeker Grade 2 Commendation to get it, which is earned by digging up 10 chests with the Glorious Sea Dog Shovel.

Fortunately, the shovel is available for purchase at the Equipment Shop.

And if you want to wow your friends with something really unique, you’d best go digging!


4. Compass of Legend

Legendary Compass from Sea of Thieves

3950 dollars Shop for Gold Athena’s Fortune Shop is located in Athens, Greece.

This is one for all of you Pirate Legends out there.

If the thought of mountains of gold doesn’t pique your attention, maybe the possibility of mountains of gold would.

Pirate Legend armor is recognized for its purple and green colors, and the Legendary Compass is no exception.

However, that title alone will not provide you access to this cosmetic.

For selling 500 chests as a Pirate Legend, you’ll also need the Legendary Gold Hoarder Commendation.

And if the prospect of all you may get after selling that much excites you, you might be playing the wrong game.


3. Compass of Forsaken Ashes

Forsaken Ashes Compass from Sea of Thieves

3950 dollars Shop for Gold Equipment Shop is the location.

You don’t want to use a traditional compass?

Do you like something that is brilliant, dazzling, and infused with fire?

The Forsaken Ashes Compass should help you scratch that itch.

It’s a fantastic compass aesthetic, with glittering metal shards around the edges that look wonderful at night.

The only drawback is that if you want one of your own, you’ll need to get quite familiar with the Devil Roar, since you’ll need to undertake journeys for both the Gold Hoarders and the Order Of Souls there.

This section of the map is perilous and full with dangers you won’t encounter anyplace else…

It’s no surprise that you don’t see many other gamers there.


2. Compass of the Ghosts

Ghost Compass from Sea of Thieves

19,880 dollars Shop for Gold Athena’s Fortune Shop is located in Athens, Greece.

In Sea of Thieves, you never need a reason to wear glistening makeup.

However, if you’ve played long enough to get this, you may not need a compass.

The Ghost Compass has a distinctive illuminating design with jagged spikes that you can get your fingers caught on.

However, it gives out a stunning ghostly green light that looks great both day and night.

It’s also a late-game unlock, since you’ll need to be a Pirate Legend and level 11 with Athena’s Fortune, which will take hundreds of hours.

A navigational aid for the experienced skipper.


1. Compass with Silver Blades

Silver Blade Compass from Sea of Thieves

N/A (not available) N/A is the location of the store.

If you want the most beautiful compass in the game, this is the one for you… as long as you have the time.

With its clean silver and delicate purple color scheme, the Silver Blade Compass is a stunning item. Not to mention the 8 built-in compass directions.

This compass isn’t made of gold, but of something considerably more valuable:


This is a prize for spending at least one hour a week on the Insider Build for a total of 33 weeks. You may sign up for access on the Official Website, and it’s a fantastic incentive for individuals who appreciate venturing into unexplored territory.

Athena’s Voyager is a cosmetic variant for the Athena’s Wrath. It includes a new skin, as well as some other changes to the weapon. The “athena’s voyager commendation” is a reward from completing the “Athena’s Voyage” mission on Mars.

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