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A new wave of instant delivery services is gaining traction, particularly among millennials and Gen Z. Arive, a delivery service that promises to transform how customers receive their orders. As an example of such services, it recently raised a whopping $20M from investors.

Their mission is to deliver a wide variety of products — from groceries and essentials to items from local businesses — quickly and conveniently to their customers.

This article will introduce Arive, its investment and the implications of such business models in the modern age.

What is Arive?

Arive is a revolutionary new delivery service based in the United States that promises to deliver goods and essentials faster. Arive raised $20 million in funding to launch their improved delivery service, emphasizing customer-friendly features such as instant gratification.

With Arive, customers can get exactly what they need as soon as they want without any typical delays associated with traditional delivery services. Moreover, Arive allows customers to choose from various products and services beyond groceries and household staples. For instance, if you are looking for something specific such as a hard-to-find book or rare video game, you can find it through Arive without spending hours looking across different stores.

In addition to speed and convenience, Arive guarantees quality by providing reliable customer service that ensures your order arrives on time and in perfect condition. This makes it possible for customers to enjoy instant gratification without hassle or worry about the quality of their purchase.

Arive’s mission and vision

Arive is a new delivery service that promises instant gratification for life’s needs. With Arive, customers can order groceries and other essentials from their local stores, with same-day delivery to their doorstep. It eliminates the tedious trips to the store, long lines at checkout and having to lug heavy items back home. Additionally, Arive supports local businesses by enabling them to compete better with larger corporate retailers through more efficient delivery solutions that make goods more accessible for customers.

Arive’s mission is to provide an efficient and convenient way for people everywhere to access what they need when they need it without ever having to leave their homes. By partnering with local neighborhood stores and businesses, we eliminate the inconvenience of long lines and frustrating shopping experiences so customers can benefit from goods being delivered instantly in the most efficient way possible. In addition, our innovative technology means that our drivers can quickly match customer orders with available inventory within minutes, making our service even more convenient.

At Arive, we are passionately committed to bringing convenience back into people’s lives by providing instant deliveries that offer quality goods with fast turnaround times for a fraction of the cost compared to current market rates. In an age dominated by online shopping where convenience often clashes with effectiveness or efficiency, it’s our goal to bridge these divides and make life easier each day through innovations in delivery solutions while giving back locally at every step in our process. Our investment of $20M will help us continue developing cutting-edge technology and bring our mission closer towards becoming reality — so you can have everything you need right at your fingertips!

Arive’s Business Model

Arive is a new delivery service that promises customers instant gratification. It provides customers with products from personal care items to groceries and other essentials.

The company has recently raised $20 million to expand its service beyond groceries and essentials and offer services such as restaurant delivery and delivery from retail stores.

In this article, we will examine Arive’s business model and how it has enabled the company to make instant gratification a reality for its customers.

How Arive works

Arive (formerly known as Driveaway) is a new delivery service that promises instant gratification. It goes beyond groceries and essential needs, into delivering whatever a consumer might need in a hurry.

munichbased arive 20m balderton capitallundentechcrunch

At its core, Arive operates by creating an on-demand fleet of drivers who can respond to whatever request comes their way — grocery store runs, home supply purchases, or even restaurant orders.

Here’s how it works: Customers order through the Arive app or website and designate when they want it delivered. After placing their order and payment, the system will match the customer with a nearby driver available to make the delivery. From this point onward, customers receive real-time updates to know where their driver is at all times and when their delivery will arrive at its destination.

The key advantage that sets Arive apart from other on-demand services is that delivery requests don’t have to be scheduled in advance — customers can receive what they need when they want it with minimal wait times. This makes the service especially useful for unexpected needs that often arise during busy days, late nights, or when you just can’t make your own way to the store for whatever you need.

Arive’s competitive advantage

Arive is a new instant delivery service that offers customers a greater range of options than traditional grocery and essential services. Using technology, Arive can track the product’s journey from its origination point, to the store and directly to the customer’s doorstep. This gives it an advantage over traditional delivery services like Amazon, Walmart and other major retailers as Arive’s delivery time frames are based on what customers want delivered – not when the retailer chooses.

Arive is not limited by operating hours or specific items, so it can deliver products around the clock to households and businesses alike. In addition, Arive provides extensive customer support that allows customers to contact them any hour of the day using their mobile app. Moreover, compared with traditional retail analytics providers such as Shopify, Arive has access to real-time data such as origination points and order tracking which allows for quick response times for customers for them to meet their needs efficiently.

Overall, this unique business model enables Arivec to provide an efficient and reliable instant delivery service for households and businesses. With its competitive advantages such as real-time data tracking and up-to-date customer support capabilities – coupled with an impressive $20 million in funding – Arive is well positioned to revolutionize how people shop online for groceries and other essentials items.

Arive raises $20M for an instant delivery service beyond groceries and essentials

Arive recently announced its funding of $20M, which will go toward providing an instant delivery service beyond groceries and essentials. With Arive, customers can now satisfy their craving for just about anything with a few clicks, and get it delivered to their doorstep quickly.

This funding will prove to be a game-changer for the delivery market. Let’s look closer at Arive’s funding and what it means for their customers.

Arive’s $20M funding round

Arive, a U.S.-based on-demand delivery service, announced that it has successfully raised $20 million in its latest funding round. This comes at an important time for the company as it aims to expand its reach beyond groceries and essentials into a list of items and services that can be delivered within minutes.

arive 20m balderton capitallundentechcrunch

This funding will support Arive’s growth plans to become the go-to provider for instant gratification needs in the US. The funds will also help enhance the customer experience with shorter wait and delivery times, improved reliability, and expanded service offerings.

Existing investor SoftBank Ventures Asia led the round with participation from new investors such as Greg Lee, Managing Director of Better Universe (a venture capital firm which focuses on sustainability), angel investor Rashaun Williams, co-founder of Cheddr and NTFunds,and chief executive officer (CEO) of Orange Silicon Valley Mobility & Cleantech Fund. Other participants include Silicon Valley equity crowdfunding platform Republic and venture capital firms such as ReThink Education Vestigo Ventures 1/0 Capital and Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA).

With this new influx of funding, Arive looks forward to building better experiences for their customers by providing more reliable delivery of goods and services at a faster rate while creating opportunities to build upon its logistics offering – something that could potentially revolutionize the on-demand delivery space.

How Arive will use the funding

Arive has secured additional $20 million in funding to expand their growing delivery service. The funding will help the company deliver products to consumers with speed and convenience in mind. It will also aid them in developing new technology solutions that allow for hyper-localized delivery, such as autonomous drones and robots, furthering their mission of instantly delivering needed products from businesses.

Arive plans to allocate the funds raised in three main areas: technology upgrades and development, customer acquisition and support, and the scaling of its infrastructure. Specifically, Arive plans to use the funds towards continuing research on autonomous drones pilot delivery operations; providing access to local heavily suburban markets; improving app interfaces; and adding customer service team members across multiple channels. These investments should ensure that consumers have a seamless experience every time they place an order with Arive’s delivery service.

Arive’s mission is to give buyers access to groceries, medicines and other essentials at any time — day or night — whenever they need it. With this new round of investment funding, the company looks forward to realizing this vision soon.

Expansion Plans

Arive recently raised $20M in funding to expand their delivery services beyond groceries and essentials. This move could be a landmark moment for Arive, as it promises to become the go-to delivery service for instant gratification.

As the company grows and expands its services, let’s explore how Arive plans to use its newfound funding.

Expansion beyond groceries and essentials

Arive (formerly known as InstaShop) is a cutting-edge delivery service that promises an instant gratification experience. By recently receiving $20 million in Series A financing, Arive plans to expand its services beyond groceries and essentials to offer customers a wide range of other items that can be delivered at lightning speed.

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Initially, the service offered fresh produce, frozen foods, and staples such as eggs, milk, paper towels and laundry detergent. Now they plan to deliver apparel, electronics, pet supplies, personal care products and many more items within minutes of ordering them.

Utilizing their existing infrastructure to provide additional goods is incredibly cost- and time-efficient. They are investing heavily in constantly adapting its systems to innovate itself faster than the competition. With a vision that encompasses delivering groceries and essentials and anything under the sun when needed; they are making an ambitious move into the instant delivery market.

Arive’s new expansion moves came after their launch in June 2017, featuring only high-end restaurants for instant deliveries in several cities across India, including Mumbai and Delhi NCR. This move beyond groceries will certainly open up more possibilities for customers who want their favorite products within minutes of ordering them from anywhere with an internet connection. Through this safe and user friendly platform, users can now order whatever they need with ease from any location that supports this revolutionary service from Arive – making it easier than ever for customers to get what they need at lightning speed.

Expansion into other cities

Arive, the instant delivery service that has revolutionized access to goods like groceries and essentials, is expanding their operations beyond their home base. Following a successful $20 million funding round in April 2020, the company plans to expand service into more cities across the United States.

The rapid expansion of Arive is expected to create thousands of new jobs and bring economic benefit to local economies across America. In addition, the new funding will finance the development and operation of additional infrastructure and marketing and other tactical activities for permanent scale-up.

Arive’s goal is to provide unprecedented convenience for customers, offering same-day or one-hour deliveries in more than 30 major cities nationwide by the end of 2021. In addition, the Arive marketplace platform is expected to provide access to items such as grocery delivery, clothing, electronics, household items, toys, health and beauty products—so customers can shop a variety of stores at once quickly and conveniently.

To maximize reach and foster rapid expansion into new markets, Arive plans to leverage existing last mile delivery services and partner with retailers who have already invested in providing delivery options in specific geographies while driving cost savings through pricing leverage with carriers everywhere they operate. This strategy allows them to spread out their expansions faster than any single company ever has done before without compromising quality or customer experience.


Arive has successfully raised $20M in funding for its instant delivery service, which promises to deliver anything beyond groceries and essentials to consumers in record time. With sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning, the company seeks to revolutionize the delivery industry with its swift and efficient service.

In conclusion, Arive can potentially change the game in the consumer delivery space.

Summary of Arive’s mission and vision

Arive is a new delivery platform that promises to quickly get you what you need. It focuses on delivering beyond groceries and essnetials including home goods, electronics, food, and beverages. Its mission is to empower customers with the convenience of getting what they need quickly and on-demand.

The company’s vision is to create an efficient delivery network that reduces the number of trips customers must make from their homes to get the items they want and need. In addition, Arive plans to partner with small businesses and larger companies and corporations whose products can be sold through its website or mobile app.

Last month, Arive closed a $20M round of funding from investors to grow its operations and expand into more markets. With this injection of cash and its strong team, Arive could revolutionize how customers shop for what they need in minutes rather than hours or days.

Summary of Arive’s competitive advantage

Arive is a new delivery service that promises instant gratification to customers across the United States. The startup has raised $20 million in a Series A funding round to help scale up its operations and bring on-demand delivery beyond groceries and essentials to America’s doorstep.

Arive’s competitive advantage lies in its partnership with Uber Eats, Grubhub, DoorDash, and Postmates who provide delivery drivers. Once Arive receives an order from the customer, they leverage their partnerships with these companies to quickly dispatch a driver who will pick up the item within minutes. This proprietary technology makes them faster than traditional grocers and supermarkets whose shopping experience is often difficult due to long checkout lines and limited selection.

In addition, Arive has put payment authentication systems that reduce fraud for customers and merchants by utilizing sophisticated algorithm models. In addition, Arive has secured an exclusive premium access program for larger orders which offers better rates than ordering directly from third party vendors such as Uber Eats or Grubhub. This ensures customers efficiently receive high quality products when ordering with Arive.

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