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Promethium, an AI-powered data management provider for analytics teams, recently announced its $26M Series A led by Insight Partners, bringing its total funding to $34.5M. This investment is a major milestone for the company, underscoring the value of Promethium to analytics teams.

This article will explore why Promethium is such an attractive value proposition for analytics teams and what benefits it can bring to companies.

What is Promethium?

Promethium is a data analytics platform that provides organizations with sophisticated capabilities for collecting, analyzing and visualizing their data. As one of the most advanced analytics solutions currently on the market, Promethium helps businesses leverage their existing data assets to gain meaningful insights into customer experience, operations and other important business processes. In addition, it uses an intuitive user interface to make it easy for users to quickly access and explore datasets.

At its core, Promethium is a powerful analytics platform that makes it easy for businesses to collect and analyze vast amounts of structured and unstructured data. It can also extract insights from structured and unstructured datasets in real time. As a result, the system enables teams to easily generate high-value insights in a secure environment. This allows businesses to harness their available data more effectively, produce more accurate predictive models, develop faster decision-making capabilities, benefit from reduced costs due to improved operational efficiency and gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ journeys.

Promethium supports various integration scenarios including native connectors for popular software platforms such as Salesforce, SAS Analytics Platforms (IBM’s Cognos Analytics), Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV/GP services as well as cloud-native options like AWS BigQuery/Amazon Redshift/Google BigQuery for seamlessly connecting disparate sources of data without any human intervention required. This ensures that IT teams don’t waste time preparing or customizing source codes or writing extensive SQL code chunks, eventually impacting the quality of outcome results produced by Promethium.

In addition to its traditional functionality such as data exploration, dashboarding and predictive analytics; Promethium also offers enhanced features like accelerated AI & Machine Learning capabilities (AutoML), automated base modeling capabilities (Deployable Models) and cloud-based streaming pipelines leveraging associated pub-sub components –features increasingly becoming essential if an organization wants to keep up with key industry trends & accelerate delivery timelines for projects associated with cutting edge technologies like AI & ML models initiatives. All this makes Promethium one of the most valuable tools for fast-paced analytics teams striving for success in today’s digital landscape!

Overview of Promethium’s Series A funding

Promethium, a data-driven analytics and insights platform, recently closed their series A funding round of $54M, led by global venture fund Tiger Global Management. The funds from this round will go towards’s innovative approach to helping analytics teams in enterprise organizations make sense of large volumes of data.

This latest round of funding allows Promethium to expand its reach in the analytics space and grow its tools, services and processes framework. The company’s mission is to allow businesses to use real-world data and machine learning models to accurately translate complex customer experiences into meaningful insights that shape their organizational strategy.

Promethium has developed a platform combining traditional analytics services with artificial intelligence capabilities that can blend multiple events into single meaningful insights, allowing teams to quickly access the most actionable information available. This combination enables businesses to reduce the time it takes for sharp analytical insight; by automating processes that support social media analysis, web traffic analysis, marketplace analysis and other forms of unstructured data mining.

The company’s proprietary machine learning models can ingest billions of monthly events from multiple public sources and dozens of market categories. Hence, customers can gain insight faster and more comprehensively than ever before — enabling unprecedented levels of accuracy and providing answers more quickly than other similar resources in the industry. As a result, Promethium’s data science team are currently crunching petabytes-scale datasets for over 6K enterprise customers, including tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Salesforce, who leverage seemingly disparate datasets from all over the web using Promethium’s groundbreaking AI capabilities to unlock powerful business opportunities they may have never realized were possible before.

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Benefits of Promethium for Analytics Teams

Promethium is an AI-powered data management platform that helps analytics teams to be more efficient and get more insights from data.

With a recent Series A funding of $26M, it is proving to be a valuable resource for analytics teams.

In this article, we will look at the benefits of Promethium for analytics teams and why it is such a valuable asset.

Automation of Data Management

Data management is one of the most time-consuming tasks for analytics teams. Automation tools, such as Promethium, can help reduce the time it takes to make sense of information and add value to the data by making it easily available. Accessibility and user-friendliness are key elements in choosing an automation tool that works for your team.

Promethium offers a robust suite of features that allows users to collect and organize data from various sources. Data can be stored in a centralized location and handled within the system with its customizable interface. Promethium’s advanced search functionality lets users quickly find relevant information within large data sets. It also has a powerful query engine that enables teams to instantly access large amounts of information without manual queries or coding. Additionally, the program provides flexible pivoting capabilities and powerful visualization tools that enhance insights extracted from raw data.

The automation capabilities of Promethium simplify data management for analytics teams by streamlining complex processes and expediting operational efficiency through optimized analytics cycles. This makes it easy to synthesize insights into actionable business strategies while putting minimal effort into basic operations related to data sets – reducing analyst fatigue and increasing work efficiency throughout the pipeline process.

Improved Data Governance

Data governance is critical for any analytics team. Having measures in place to ensure data accuracy and compliance can help prevent costly mistakes. Promethium makes data governance easier through features like data masking, validation rules, and lineage tracking.

Data masking helps keep sensitive data secure by ensuring that personal or confidential information is not visible when extracting or analyzing it. Validation rules provide alerts when data discrepancies occur, meaning that it’s possible to identify mistakes as they’re happening and take corrective action right away before there are major repercussions. Lineage tracking allows users to easily keep track of where their data has been sourced from, meaning they can trace back the path of their analysis and prevent errors from occurring in the future through better understanding of the data’s origin.

With its comprehensive suite of features, Promethium proves invaluable for analytics teams looking to improve their capabilities with improved governance over their key datasets.

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Enhanced Data Security

One of the key benefits of Promethium for analytics teams is its ability to provide enhanced data security. By leveraging secure cloud-based technologies, Promethium solutions allow organizations to centralize and protect sensitive analytics data while enabling remote users or departments to access the system remotely.

Furthermore, all data stored on Promethium is delivered through encrypted channels with strict and configurable access controls set up by administrators. These secure systems can also provide reporting and measurable usage analytics, so teams can assess who is accessing what files and when – promoting user accountability.

Promethium, an AI-powered data management provider for analytics teams, raises a $26M Series A led by Insight Partners, bringing its total funding to $34.5M

Promethium, an AI-powered data management provider for analytics teams, recently raised a $26M Series A led by Insight Partners, bringing its total funding to $34.5M.

With data being the lifeblood of analytics teams, Promethium’s technology will help power the next generation of insights.

In this article, we’ll discuss the impact of Promethium on the analytics industry.

Improved Access to Data

Promethium provides analytics teams with improved access to data, enabling them to quickly make decisions based on real-time insights.The platform allows data to be gathered from multiple sources including an organization’s internal databases, external sources, and cloud platforms. Additionally, Promethium offers an intuitive interface that can scale quickly as a company’s industry-specific requirements evolve. This ensures that users experience minimal latency in the results of their analysis and a great deal of control regarding data quality and security policies.

With powerful machine-learning capabilities embedded in the platform; Promethium can also automate complex tasks such as predictive modeling and customer segmentation. As well as this Promethium is interoperable, allowing compatibility with external software solutions like Tableau and RStudio along with mobility options that provide users access to their analyses while they’re on the go.

Overall, Promethium has emerged as an effective solution that allows businesses of any size or complexity to easily gather, visualize, analyze and derive insights from large amounts of data quickly and accurately for actionable results.

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Increased Efficiency of Data Analysis

Promethium is an advanced data analytics platform enabling analytics teams to analyze data quickly, accurately and with greater detail. Promethium’s powerful suite of reporting, visualization and modeling tools simplifies the often complex process of working with large datasets, allowing business analysts to identify insights and generate actionable recommendations more efficiently.

One key benefit of Promethium is its ability to reduce the time needed to interpret complex data sets. It eliminates manual analysis methods – such as manually collecting records from different sources or manual subsetting within data groups – and allows analytics teams to automatically conduct thorough analyses over all available datasets. For example, using time series predictive algorithms built into Promethium’s AI-infused engine, analysts can quickly review multiple trends across multiple datasets without manually sifting through each dataset individually. This results in improved analysis accuracy and improved performance of insights & predictions for analytics operations.

Promethium also enhances existing reporting capabilities by providing more powerful interactive visualization tools than ever before. The platform allows business users to manipulate complex query fields at any given situational context to quickly draw meaningful conclusions from dataset trends and correlations faster than ever before. Additionally, changes are immediately visible in both graphical displays and tables – making it easier for users to understand results while providing straightforward confirmation into the source dataset (if needed). In essence, Promethium offers a streamlined way for teams across departments or industries to capture relevant information and make sense of it in a format that makes presenting reports quickly achievable by anyone on your team.

Faster Time to Insight

Promethium has revolutionized the analytics industry, enabling businesses to derive insights from their data more rapidly and make real-time decisions. This process, known as “time to insight”, has enabled teams to build a data-driven approach using the most up-to-date information.

The ability for companies to quickly access and process data holds significant advantages for them. As businesses operate in ever-changing market conditions, companies need to be able to move fast and get crucial insights from their data with minimal disruption or cost. With Promethium’s advanced analytics capabilities, companies now can run sophisticated machine learning models on large datasets much faster than they previously could.

Promethium also brings visibility into data pipelines and analytics results which helps inform decision makers on what insights can be gained from their datasets in a user-friendly way. Additionally, machine learning models are made more accurate with Promethium by automatically setting model hyperparameters so that less time is spent tuning models -allowing deeper insights and making smarter decisions quicker.

The impact of Promethium on time to insight has been profound; businesses can now derive higher quality of insights in much shorter time frames – helping them become more competitive in the market today.


Promethium, an AI-powered data management provider for analytics teams, has proven to be a valuable asset for analytics teams and their data management needs.

With the recent announcement of a $26M Series A led by Insight Partners and bringing their total fundraising to $34.5M, Promethium is poised to be an important player in data management.

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