As the Resident Evil series has evolved over time, it has introduced new monsters that have become iconic in their own right. These are the twenty most iconic Resident Evil monsters.

The top 20 movies of 2021 is a list that ranks the best and most iconic monsters in games. This is an amazing list, with some great choices!

Without its creatures, Resident Evil would be nothing.

They’re at the heart of every game, whether it’s zombies, huge infected animals, or bio-engineered killing robots like Nemesis and Eveline.

You’ll fire at them, flee from them, and remember them for decades if they’re anything remarkable.

Some will dazzle you with statistics, while others will dazzle you with speed, and many will just soak up bullets. They’re want your blood in one way or another.

Let’s take a peek at a few of our favorites.


The Executioner (number 20)

The Executioner in Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 was his first appearance (2009)

Since Resident Evil 4, the series has shifted away from ordinary zombies and toward organized “infected” that resembled regular humans.

Except for The Executioner, the Majini in Resident Evil 5 may pass for regular people.

This guy had a different response to infection with a Type-2 Plaga than his brothers, becoming more robust, thick-skinned, and towering over 7ft tall.

He reasoned, “If life offers you lemons, create lemonade,” and so he became an executioner for Kijuju’s infected rebels.

You battle him early in the game, which makes the game’s first major firefight all the more memorable.


19. Baby

Baby from Resident Evil Village (2021)

Resident Evil Village was his first appearance (2021)

Parents are constantly concerned about what their children may become if they do not improve their parenting skills.

Ethan Winters is the same way.

Ethan’s hallucinations at House Beneviento gave birth to this malformed child. Baby is particularly unsettling due to its terrible deformed physique and a typical baby voice.

After eating Ethan whole in one of the game’s most bizarre kills, Baby will remark, “Yummy!”


It’s number 18 (U3)

It / Resident Evil 4 (2005) screenshot

Resident Evil 4 was his first appearance (2005)

The U3 is one of the most durable and ferocious BOWs in RE4 and has been dubbed “It” by Lord Saddler and his acolytes.

It’s an excellent moniker for a monster who looks somewhat like Pennywise from Stephen King’s 1986 book.

You must first flee it in a series of container rigs, which is by far the most nerve-wracking part of the game. Then, after you’ve dropped It into the abyss, it creeps back up as if nothing had happened.

This monster is why you should have at least one RPG in your RE4 inventory at all times.


Eveline, number seventeen.

Eveline in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was his first appearance (2017)

Eveline is a turning point in biological warfare.

She was created to destroy adversaries without fighting, infiltrating communities and slowly infecting the populace with airborne spores to take control from within.

Eveline was obsessed with starting a family, so she infected the Bakers one by one, producing the nastiest family the world had ever seen.


Marguerite Baker is 16 years old.

Marguerite Baker from Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was his first appearance (2017)

Marguerite Baker was the family’s first victim of the mold.

Marguerite maintained her housewife responsibilities following infection, sharing Eveline’s desire to keep their family strong. When they “took him in,” she’d prepare a wonderful dinner full with insects and human body parts, and she’d even have some leftovers for Ethan.

This moldy woman has the ability to summon swarms of mold-enhanced insects and command them as she pleases.

She’s also fast and can quickly recover from injuries.

Did I mention you’ll be fighting her in the darkness?


Queen Leech, number 15

Queen Leech / Resident Evil 0

Resident Evil 0 was his first appearance (2002)

James Marcus was a researcher who was concerned with achieving perfection in everything he did, even his lab work.

His corpse was devoured by the same mutant leeches he had been working on after his tragic demise at the hands of Umbrella security.

They learnt to imitate his shape and absorbed his personality once they got to his brain.

The Queen Leech believes they’ve been resurrected as James Marcus, and they’re out for vengeance.


Lickers (#14)

Lickers / Resident Evil: Damnation screenshot

Resident Evil 2 was his first appearance (1998)

Even among zombies, there are some who go ahead of the herd.

V-Act is a condition that occurs when zombies eat a large quantity of human flesh. They may then transform into a Licker, depending on the viral strain.

These terrifying monsters are more smarter, quicker, and more robust than any previous zombie.

You’ll understand why they’re called Lickers when you watch one of these blind hunters impale someone with their tongue from a distance of 12 feet.


G 13th (William Birkin)

G William Birkin in Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 2 was his first appearance (1998)

In Resident Evil, William Birkin is the first obvious illustration of the “villain devoured by their own creation” cliché.

This researcher injected himself with the G-Virus he’d been researching after being shot and left for dead by the company’s private troops, and the monster was created.

Every time we see the infected scientist, he becomes more monster than human.

Even though he’s a villain, it’s terrible to see him spiral into madness.


Jack Baker is number twelve.

Jack Baker / Resident Evil 7: Biohazard screenshot

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was his first appearance (2017)

The Baker family’s near-immortal patriarch represents their beliefs — he’s harsh and brutal, and he’ll make sure any new members of the family follow in his footsteps.

Jack Baker, like a mold-based Terminator, can endure the most brutal pounding you can imagine with ease. He’ll then reassemble himself with staples and duct tape and resume his quest.

You’ll have to kill him at least a half-dozen times before he eventually succumbs.

Despite the screen separating you, he’s one of those characters that makes you feel like you’re in actual danger.


Lisa Trevor is number eleven.

Lisa Trevor from Resident Evil HD Remaster

Resident Evil was his first appearance (2002)

One of the most devastating boss battles in the Resident Evil remake is Lisa Trevor.

It’s even more difficult to hear about this monster’s sad past without feeling sorry for him.

Umbrella chose to use Lisa and her mother as test subjects for the Progenitor Virus after her father – the mansion’s architect – was killed to keep the facility’s secrets hidden.

Lisa has evolved into a super-powerful monstrosity who, despite forgetting how she looks, continues to search for her mother.

Lisa Trevor is the image of madness: bound, disfigured, and full of hatred.


Dr. Salvador, number ten

Dr. Salvador in Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 was his first appearance (2005)

Anyone who has played RE4 knows how terrifying the sound of Dr. Salvador’s chainsaw can be.

Beginning with the first large-scale battle against the Ganados, this chainsaw-wielding Spaniard (or an army of clones) appears many times throughout the narrative.

As if battling a swarm of infected while still learning the controls wasn’t bad enough, this guy appears out of nowhere in the midst of the battle and cuts off your head in an instant-kill move.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. After my initial encounter with Dr. Salvador, I really stopped using RE4 for many months.

It took me a long time to get the confidence to try again, and I’m sure some of those who tried never returned.


Crimson Heads (nine)

Crimson Heads / Resident Evil HD Remaster

Resident Evil was his first appearance (2002)

One of the greatest new elements in the Resident Evil remake was Crimson Heads.

After a previously slain undead performs the V-Act process and rises again to resume their quest for human blood, these deep crimson zombies are created.

You won’t be able to shoot every zombie twice since there aren’t enough bullets, so you’ll have to plan ahead and choose which zombies to kill first.

You may even use gasoline or an incendiary grenade to burn the corpses, but even the best among us are sure to miss a couple.


El Gigante is number eight.

El Gigante / Resident Evil 4 PC Remaster screenshot

Resident Evil 4 was his first appearance (2005)

This hulking behemoth is the archetypal brute who has forsaken all intellect in favor of raw power.

El Gigante is shown as a strong and hefty character in the game. Fighting it is difficult since any touch with this colossal behemoth may send you soaring to your death.

It frightened the heck out of me the first time I played it, but once you get the hang of the game’s principles, it’s simple to anticipate its moves.

Fun fact: Animal lovers will have an easier time fighting this monster in the first place. If you saved the dog from the bear trap at the start of the game, it will repay your kindness.


7. Dogs Who Have Turned Into Zombies

Zombie Dogs in Resident Evil 2 Remaster

Resident Evil was his first appearance (1996)

We’ve all been in that situation.

You’re strolling along a hallway in an ancient mansion when the windows break and two terrifying zombie dogs charge in, mauling you with weird camera angles.

Because they feature in virtually every game in the Resident Evil series, these canines are instantly recognized and well-loved by fans.


Tyrant, no. 6 (T-002)

Tyrant (T-002) from Resident Evi HD Remaster

Resident Evil was his first appearance (1996)

In the RE series, the Tyrant is one of the first really effective bio-organic weapons.

The Tyrant was one of the first mutated humans to be able to follow instructions. Nowadays, Resident Evil creatures with intellect and a human form are many – but the Tyrant was one of the first mutated humans to be able to obey orders.

This allowed them to utilize their viral-enhanced powers for mission-based tasks rather than simply murdering everything in their path in a fit of fury.

Although defeating the T-002 at the conclusion of Resident Evil 1 was a relief, the T-002’s legacy would continue to haunt us in Resident Evil 2.


5. Mr. X

Mr. X / Resident Evil 2 Remake screenshot

Resident Evil 2 was his first appearance (1998)

Mr. X is a T-103 Tyrant, the Spencer Mansion’s T-102’s successor.

The T-103 was intended to carry out missions in populated regions as the first mass-produced tyrant variant.

Umbrella provided this 7ft tall bio-organic weapon a completely inconspicuous cloak and a face only a mother could adore to help it blend in.

Mr. X’s problem is that he never gives up on his goal.

He’s constantly closing the gap, like the monster from It Follows, no matter where you are or what you’re doing (2014).

The name “Mr. X” didn’t appear in the original 1998 game. Toy Biz utilized it for an action figure produced the same year, and it was accepted.


4. Iron Maiden and Regenerador

Iron Maiden Monster in Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 was his first appearance (2005)

The Regenerador is only exceeded by its spiky relative, the Iron Maiden, as the most terrifying monster in Resident Evil 4.

Several Plaga parasites have infested their whole bodies and rendered them invincible, making these afflicted near-immortal.

They may resemble Mortal Kombat’s Baraka, but they’re much more frightening. Even if you discover the thermal sight that enables you to see the parasites in their bodies, remaining cool enough to kill them all is a difficult task.

When you think you’ve figured them out, the Iron Maiden – a Regenerador with retractile spikes – appears. It doesn’t get much heavier than that.


Lady Dimitrescu is number three.

Lady Dimitrescu / Resident Evil Village screenshot

Resident Evil Village was his first appearance (2021)

Lady Dimitrescu has become the de facto mascot of Resident Evil Village, because to the internet’s obsession with her.

Nobody can stand up to a sultry big European lady with a voracious appetite for blood.

Lady Dimitrescu, on the other hand, is much more than a beautiful face.

She doesn’t appear like a zombie, but she’s survived by eating more than her fair share of locals since the early twentieth century.

Her razor-sharp claws and towering height make her a significant danger to anybody, even Ethan Winters. She can also transform into a huge dragon-like flying beast, as if that wasn’t enough.


2. The Enemy

Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 Remake

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was his first appearance (1999)

Nemesis, a persistent pursuer faced by Jill Valentine in RE3, is the most well-known member of the Tyrant family.

The ultimate RE nightmare is Nemesis.

A hideous yet strong murdering machine that will appear out of nowhere at the worst possible moment to take you down.

Nemesis is always the most dangerous menace in the region, whether he’s carrying a Gatling rifle or a flamethrower.


Zombies are number one.

Zombie Creature / Resident Evil 2 Remake screenshot

Resident Evil was his first appearance (1996)

We’ve all seen it before.

Something isn’t right. You can sense it in your bones. You approach the pallid person bent over a lifeless corpse slowly.

It eventually turns around, exposing a zombie with a deformed visage that sends shivers up your spine.

Classic zombies are the greatest and most iconic creatures in the Resident Evil franchise, even if they aren’t the quickest or the brightest.

Nothing like a good-old zombie outbreak to deliver complete mayhem to a dense metropolitan city, no matter how many BOWs Umbrella, The Connections, and their successors concoct.

The best worst movie is a list of the 20 best and most iconic monsters in the Resident Evil series. It includes all games, including Resident Evil 7.

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