In a recent interview, Riot Games’ head of esports, Nick Allen, said that the company is not interested in “doing a League of Legends world championship” because it would be “too difficult.”

The usasf worlds 2021 is a team that will not be able to qualify for the 2021 World Championships.

Hello, everyone. I know I stated I’d write a post as soon as Riot confirmed the VCS’s absence from Worlds, but that was more than two days ago, and I apologize for that; I’ve been very busy.

Anyway, let us remember our Vietnamese friends who will be unable to attend the 4th international event in a row (yes, I’m including MSI 2020, despite the fact that it will not be held). I really hope that circumstances improve in that country and that they are able to compete in MSI 2022, or at the very least have a Spring Split next year.

The order was determined by where each team finished in the Spring Split 2021, with the Playoffs taking precedence over the Regular Season.


-From the VCS, Luxury Esports (LX) is team #88. They were Cantho Cherry at first, then Cherry Gaming, then Cherry Esports, then Team X, then Luxury Esports, then GMedia Luxury, and now Luxury Esports once again. From the time they were Cherry whatever, they had consistently poor performances, finishing fifth to eighth between 2017 and 2019.

The team then officially dissolved until returning to the league in the spring of 2021 after being promoted from the VCSB. They finished eighth with a 3W-11L series record and a 10W-24L game record.

-From the VCS, team #89 is Burst the Sky Esports (BTS). Previously known as Percent Esports, this team has been a part of the VCSB since 2019 and was promoted to the main league in the summer of 2020, where they placed 6th and advanced to the Playoffs.

BTS, like LX, completed 3W-11L with 13W-25L games, finishing 7th in the league in the spring of this year, but have since maintained their position after winning the Promotion Series.


-Team #90 from the VCS: Team Flash (FL). After buying Sky Gaming’s seat, Team Flash entered the VCS in the summer of 2019. They also finished 3W-11L this split, with a 14W-24L game record and a 6th-place finish, missing the playoffs for the first time since joining the league.

Team Flash proved to be a fantastic team in their first three splits, finishing third in the Spring of 2019. However, their most successful year has undoubtedly been 2020, when they placed second in the Regular Season and first in the Playoffs both times, defeating the Vietnamese giants GAM 3-2 in the finals both times.

Due to Covid limitations, Team Flash was never able to represent its area internationally.


SBTC Esports (SE) from the VCS is team #91. The organization entered the league in Spring of 2021 after buying an EVOS Esports spot, going 7W-7L with a 17W-18L game record, ending 5th and missing the playoffs.

The organization, however, has been known as Academy SBTC since 2018, and has competed in VCS B in 2019 and 2020. SBTC stands for Sng Bng Tnh Cm, which approximately translates to “Live With Affection.”


-From the VCS, CERBERUS Esports (CES) is team #92. Hall of Fame finished eighth in the VCS in the spring of 2018. After changing their name to Cube Adonis, they finished second in the Summer Playoffs. The squad would thereafter be known as CERBERUS Esports from Spring 2019 forward.

With mostly mediocre results, this team has only made the Playoffs twice in the last five splits: in Summer 2020, after finishing third in the Regular Season with a 9W-5L series result and losing in the first round; and in Spring 2021, after finishing third in the Regular Split with a 9W-5L series result and losing in the first round of Playoffs once again.


-Team #93: The VCS’s Team Secret (TS). After buying the spot of former Worlds participants Lowkey Esports, Team Secret entered the VCS in the spring of 2020. Vietnam. They went 8W-5L in the regular season and 19W-18 in the playoffs, losing 0-3 to GAM and winning 3-2 against CES in the third place match.

They achieved decent success in each of the three splits they participated in, placing third or fourth in both the Regular Season and Playoffs, as well as winning the charity event All For One Season 1 2020.


-From the VCS, Saigon Buffalo (SGB) is team #94. Saigon Buffalo, Dashing Buffalo, Youn Generation, G2’s greatest flaw – this squad has gone through many names, but perhaps the most recognizable is Phong V Buffalo, the moniker under which they achieved the most success.

This organization has one 7th and 6th place finish, two 4th place Playoffs and Regular Split results, three 2nd place Playoffs and Regular Season finishes, and two 1st place RS and Playoffs finishes since joining the VCS in Spring of 2017.

This squad competed at Worlds in 2017 and 2018, and advanced to the Rumble Stage in MSI 2019. They finished second in the Regular Season with a 10W-4L, 22W-14L record and fell 1-3 in the Playoffs finals against GAM.


-From the VCS, GAM Esports (GAM) is team #95. Like the last squad, this one has gone by several names, including Boba Marines, Team Miracle GIGABYTE Adonis Marines, Marines Esports, GAM Esports, and, of course, GIGABYTE Marines.

GAM is without a doubt the most successful LoL Vietnamese organization to ever exist, with three second places in Playoffs and four championships. They competed in MSI 2017 and Worlds 2017 and were one tiebreaker away from qualifying for the finals (yes, it was the famous Fnatic 0-4 to Quarterfinals run).

But how could I forget their Worlds 2019 appearance, when, despite finishing last in their group, these crazy guys gave us one of the most memorable games of the competition, team-fighting several times in the same exact area of the map with their Noctune + Kled combination.

This schism. GAM went 26W-6L in games, winning 13 and losing just one.


I’m going to miss the VCS’s crazy, aggressive playstyle, especially GAM’s, on the world scene.

We’ll see you all again next year!

Psst, I’m planning a surprise post for all of you just before Worlds, so I hope some of you are excited about it. In a few weeks, I’ll see you!


fAUR9Yo - Teams that won't qualify for Worlds 2021 - VCS Update

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