Baldo is back for his third season of adventures, but this time he’s not alone. Join him on a quest to find his friends and explore new worlds in Where’s Baldo Season 3!

The where’s baldo hitman is a game that was released on October 26, 2013. It has been updated to Season 3 and the rules and information for the game are listed here.

Because the previous one is going to be archived, which means I won’t be able to update it, I’m making a new one here.



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Hello and welcome back to Where’s Baldo? Over the course of many months, we have accumulated a large number of threads. They must all mention the regulations, which may change over time, therefore I’m creating a post with information they can all link to.

Here’s the one thing you need know if you’re just skimming:


Details on it (and everything else) may be found in the sections below.

The following is a rundown of how the game works.

I upload a high-resolution screenshot from Hitman in Where’s Baldo and urge you to search it for Agent 47. These are aerial photos or shots from unusual angles, and 47 may be anywhere. You may look at the past Where’s Baldo riddles by clicking here.

This season is a little different from the previous one. Aside from 47, you’ll have to locate a lot of other things (“targets”) in the image. Characters (potentially wandering about, but more likely knocked out and relocated), objects on the ground, and minor features in the original landscape are all examples of this. It may be clear what you’re looking for, but locating it may be difficult. The description may also be obscure and a mystery in and of itself.

Here’s how to utilize spoiler text and submit replies.

My article will provide a numbered list of everything you’ll need to locate. To respond, enter the number of the target you’ve located, followed by your response in spoiler text. Making your remark a straight response to the whole article is the best method to guarantee I see your response. You may also respond to one of my comments. I may miss your response if you respond to someone else’s or your own remark, and if you submit a new answer by amending a prior comment, I will very certainly miss your response.

Spoiler text hides what you’ve written until it’s highlighted by the reader. Spoiler text is there to protect players from your answers, not your answers from players; anybody may click the spoiler text, read other players’ responses, and utilize that information if they choose.

There is a markdown system for identifying spoiler content, however the simplest way to add spoiler text on the desktop is to use Reddit’s fancy pants editor, which is also the default commenting method. Simply select the text you’re typing and press the spoiler icon:

When you’ve finished posting, it should look like this:

For spoiler text on mobile, you’ll need to use the markdown system. Put your response between exclamation marks, then wrap it all up in angle brackets pointing to your text:

When you’ve finished posting, it should look like this:

Strange quirk: If you’re using spoiler text, you can’t start your line with a #. The # enlarges your text, but it also deletes any spoiler text you’ve included.

You may be acquainted with a spoiler text system that no longer works if you’re using old Reddit (if the URL in your address bar begins with Before submitting replies, please make sure you understand how to use spoiler text on Reddit’s default edition. If you’d like, you may use this post to test comments.

Please avoid discussing the Hitman 3 narrative and locations in comments, in addition to using spoiler language to safeguard players who wish to keep searching even after they’ve located a target. The initial few maps will not be from Hitman 3, but once the Hitman 3 pictures begin, there will be no need to discuss any maps older than the one that has been uploaded.


At first, each player may only estimate three targets. As a result, the benefit of being the first to view the post is diminished. If your first predictions are incorrect, you may make further guesses without exceeding your maximum of three accurate guesses. If you guess more than your limit permits, you won’t receive any feedback for the additional guesses, and someone else may steal your work and claim credit. The restriction disappears 15 hours after the post is published, and you are free to predict as many targets as you like.

The difficulty of the targets varies. As a result, the first few targets that players discover for each picture will be worth one point apiece. Later ones will be more valuable. The goal number 47 is worth more points than the others. Bonus points may be earned for identifying a difficult target early on or in a variety of different ways. Your score will be carried over for the rest of the season, but not from the previous one.

What is the prize for the overall winner?

This time, I believe there will be a reward of some kind. Perhaps a copy of IO’s James Bond game, to be delivered in the future?

What is the significance of the number three in the title?

Because Hitman 3 is in the works.

How are these pictures created?

Nvidia’s screenshot tool, Ansel, is what I use. Ansel can often take extremely huge screenshots, but not THIS enormous. For that, I had to perform some behind-the-scenes tweaking, which is intended to result in large pictures but instead results in damaged photos. Then, thanks to some additional behind-the-scenes work, I’m able to obtain the RAW picture instead of the corrupt PNG.

This addon allows me to freely shift the camera.

a few technical notes

Since 2019, technology has progressed, making this season’s pictures appear better.

Previously, pictures could only be 2 gigapixels in size, which is very big by most standards. Each picture will be slightly around 10 gigapixels this season. Previously, no picture could be larger than 2 GB (which worked well, because 2 gigabytes was the max file size allowed by the host I used, EasyZoom). Each picture will now be 27 megabytes in size, with more pixels and better quality than before.

As a result, each of these screenshots is about half as large as the full Hitman 3 installation. Even just opening one in Photoshop requires 40+ gigabytes of RAM and hundreds of terabytes of scratch space on the hard disk. These new zooms will wow you with their clarity.

The pictures will be stored on Gigapan, a platform that allows for considerably bigger images than EasyZoom. You’ll be able to zoom and browse around the huge scene without having to load or download the entire thing, much like EasyZoom, and I think the browsing experience with Gigapan is even better.


Miami is in the second round.



FINAL ROUND: Santa Fortuna

Hokkaido is the sixth round.


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