The Dark Souls series is known for its challenging and rewarding gameplay. One of the most important weapons in the game is the axe, which can be used to inflict devastating blows on enemies from a distance. In this list, we rank the best axes from Dark Souls 2.

Dark Souls 2 is a game that has many different weapons to choose from. Some of the best weapons in the game are the axes. There are 6 different types of axes in total, and each type has its own strengths and weaknesses.

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Axes in Dark Souls 2 are a cross between swords and hammers in terms of speed, damage, and range.

Let’s see which one is the greatest to hack and slash your way to the top, whether you want to cosplay as a bloodletting lumberjack or simply enjoy wooden sticks with sharp ends.


Axe of the Infantry

Infantry Axe in Dark Souls 2

Unfortunately, there isn’t a large selection of axes to choose from in Dark Souls 2. (disregarding the greataxes for now). And nearly half of the eight that exist are complete trash.

The Infantry Axe may be found in the bottom of the garbage heap.

Its damage is poor, its scaling is average, and everything else is ordinary when compared to other axes.

Furthermore, 30 durability isn’t exactly where you want to be for your primary weapon unless continuously mending immerses you more for some reason.

If you’re a strong build in the early stages of the game, it’s OK to retain as an emergency weapon.

How to acquire it: Axe-wielding Hollow Infantry opponents drop it.


Hand Axe with a Bound Hand

Bound Hand Axe in Dark Souls 2

Next up, we have either the greatest or worst-looking axe in the game, depending on your preference.

Despite having the lowest damage of all the axes, I’ve decided to replace it with the Infantry axe since it is at least somewhat distinctive, which we value.

What distinguishes it from others?

It’s the only axe that has a built-in bleed.

That isn’t to say it isn’t enjoyable. But, if you don’t want to infuse any of the other, better axes, it’s your only option.

Do not be misled by its high strength scaling; every other axe in the game can produce more numbers.

The Bound Hand Axe, if anything, reminds us that we can all be unique.

All you need is someone to cover you with barbed wire.

After defeating the Looking Glass Knight, Chancellor Wellager in Drangleic Castle sells it to you.


6. Axe (Hand)

Hand Axe in Dark Souls 2

With the majority of them, you’ll notice a common theme: “This weapon is good, but it’s not the best axe.”

In other words, the majority of these axes are average and unremarkable.

This is also the situation with the Hand Axe.

Despite this, if we evaluate it based on its primary purpose (as a starting weapon), it performs well!

Early opponents, such as the numerous hollows, will be dispatched with fairly easily if you have good speed and damage.

At least until you can get your hands on one of the better axes, this is a strong recommendation from me.

How to acquire it: Sold by Merchant Hag Melentia, the Bandit’s starter weapon discovered in the Forest of the Fallen Giants.


5. Axe of Battle

Battle Axe in Dark Souls 2

The Battle Axe is the first item we come across when we dip our toes into the “decent” area.

I won’t spend too much time on this since it’s basically the same weapon as the previous (and next) one, with a few minor changes.

The Battle Axe has a modest boost in Attack Rating, as well as a D on the dexterity scale.

It’s a great first weapon for anybody interested in going down the strength road, and it’s easy to get.

Goblins and Ashen Warriors drop it, and Blacksmith Lenigrast sells it.


4. Axe of the Bandit

Bandit Axe in Dark Souls 2

Without going into too much detail, the Bandit Axe puts a stop to the trend of similarity that has befallen us.

It has the greatest basic Attack Rating but no scaling other than strength, making it highly interchangeable with either of the previous two weapons.

It’s also not the worst infusion candidate, resulting in a good 203 physical and 203 elemental damage while maintaining above-average scaling.

How to acquire it: Parasite Spiders dropped it, and it was discovered at No-Wharf Man’s with the Brigand Set.


Butcher’s Knife No. 3

Butcher’s Knife in Dark Souls 2

The third spot on our list belongs to the most dubious axe I’ve ever seen.

Though the Butcher’s Knife’s distinctiveness isn’t limited to its look and moniker, it also has the power to drain an enemy’s life with successful strikes (which simply means “not blocked”).

The powerful one-handed strike is similar to a “slam,” and it may be utilized to catch any opponent off guard.

Keep in mind that it’s one of the heaviest axes on the market, weighing in at a whopping 16 pounds.

Regardless, it should be ideal for anybody who wants to play a renowned Scottish cook with a violent temper in a roleplaying game.

To get the Soul of the Rotten, trade it to Weaponsmith Ornifex.


Crescent Axe of the Dragonslayer

Dragonslayer’s Crescent Axe in Dark Souls 2

Anyone who has read about lightning infusions in DS2 would recognize this look.

This weapon with a moon shape has ascended to the top of yet another rating!

The Crescent Axe of the Dragonslayer is an ideal weapon for any loyal fighter, since it is the only axe with inherent lightning damage, which improves when infused.

Due to its unusual move set when compared to other axes, this quick-swinging, zapping, elegant sidearm may not be for everyone.

If you go through with the lightning infusion, keep in mind that utilizing the Sunlight Blade miracle will amp up the weapon’s thundering abilities even more!

Shaded Woods is reached by taking the left fork of the Ruined Fork Road. Depending on whatever version of the game you have, the axe is hidden behind a different opponent.


Gyrm Axe No. 1

Gyrm Axe in Dark Souls 2

I’d like to ask the person who didn’t categorize this weapon as a greataxe a question:

What were their thoughts?

With its massive damage output, this beast of an axe chops down (more like smashes) the competitors.

With a basic attack rating of 380 and a Strength scaling of A, you’ll be able to demolish everything in your way.

The disadvantages include a high weight (18) and a sluggish swing speed, but who needs speed when you have power?!

Any of the other choices will do if you aren’t searching for anything this sluggish.

On the other hand, if you want to dunk on everything and everyone while saying, “Oh yes, I’m just using an axe,” this is the option for you.

And don’t forget, there’s plenty for both of us.

May the greatest dwarf come out on top!

How to acquire it: Gyrm Warriors drop it, and it’s a prize discovered in the Doors of Pharros.

The dark souls 2 battle axe is a weapon that is capable of dealing heavy damage. It has a long reach and can be used to attack from a distance.

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