It was with great excitement that I recently decided to try out the new archivist codex with the intent of maximizing the amount of research I could get done each day. However, I soon found myself bogged down by the tedious work of pulling pages with only one sentence per page so the computer could work the rest of the codex for me.

Every now and again, I come across codexes that are so different from the standard ones you’ll see in most guild stores, that I’m honestly perplexed as to why anyone would pay that much for them. So, I decided to write a guide to the ones that actually offer something unique.

If you’re on archivist codex and you’ve been running your account on rep with faction troops, we’ve got some bad news: you’re still on rep and running on rep, and you’re gonna be on rep and running on rep for a while. There is absolutely nothing we can do to change that, and we’d appreciate your patience as we work through issues with those of you on rep with faction troops.

wow10 - A small guide to all of you still farming rep with archivist codex, that might not have figured out the little tricks to spend as little time as possible for as much research as possible

I don’t finish every single rare and chest, but I do get about 7-800 reps every day on average and it takes me around 30 minutes.

Here are a few pointers on how I approach research farming.

  1. Pick up just research and mog missions (if that’s what you’re interested in). 1-2 times a day is typical. The advance rep missions for anima, gear, and deaths are not worth it. Other sources will provide you with lots of advance rep and anima for fatalities.

  2. Use silverdragon addons and handynotes. Once you understand out how they operate, you’ll be amazed at how much they assist with Korthia rares and chests.

  3. Start a large lap on either the west or east side, it doesn’t matter. Along the journey, complete the missions, daily chests, and rares.

  4. If a gateway is opened or a rare spawns anywhere, the Silverdragon addon will notify you. To get there before it dies, use the toy shardhide whistle (it’s a toy you’ve probably got if you’ve been in korthia for a while, most people have it but don’t realize it, if you don’t have it, do a quick wowhead search, I’m pretty sure it’s a 100% drop you get from picking up a moth, controlling a shardhide, and knocking it down from Gives you a 420 percent movement speed for 20 seconds and a 5 minute countdown.

  5. Always have goblin gliders with you; they’ll transport you between locations considerably quicker. Every day, I probably use 4-5.

  6. Get the mount equipment that allows you to ride without being dazed or dismounted.

  7. Purchase the enhancement from Death’s Advance that allows you to observe anima vessels if you haven’t previously. Pick them up while you’re performing the assault anyhow. There are three weekly vessels within the rift in the maw, and typically a few, 2-3 vessels, during every fresh assault in the maw(outside of rift).

  8. It takes approximately 5 minutes to collect everything in the rift (10-15min if you also get the rare and weekly vessels in the maw). I always begin my rift on the “island,” which has a potential treasure spawn. There’s also the rare yorik that you may kill every day in the rift. Apply to lfg groups or create your own. Usually, they form a group and you rush in, hit it once, and score the kill right away. After that, goblin glide over to where the ghostly chest is and verify the chest spawn position on the island. Pick up the two chests in the east and north as you go north towards Korthia hub. Then go get the wilderling rare from the 3d chest (I typically use the shardhide whistle between the 2nd and 3d chest). Goblins should glide from here to the chest where zelnithop (or whatever his name is) spawns and grab the final chest. All of this should take no more than 5 minutes. Just avoid the tangling gangs since they’re the only thing that can slow you down by rooted you. Bonus: if you’re an engineer, you can pick up the weekly vessels in the maw fast by utilizing the wormhole to the maw (since it won’t throw you out of the rift), which will save you around 10 minutes in the rift.

  9. Determine which rares, such as stygian destroyer, wild world cracker, wilderling, and fleshingten, you will have time to rush to before they die. You can pretty much run the length of the map and still make it to the kill in time. (It’s generally not worth it if they’re far away since they spawn often; it’s preferable to kill them when they spawn nearby.) While the two rares in the portals are typically dead within 20 seconds of the gateway being announced open, they don’t spawn very frequently and provide a lot of rep. So, if you’re nearby, grab your shardhide whistle and hurry over.

  10. Some riches can only be discovered in the presence of a gormit. Always keep your gormit handy (bought from deaths advance vendor if Im not mistaken). I typically mark him and make him the center of my attention. That way, if he discovers anything, I can see where he’s racing off to on the minimap.

Spending more than 30 minutes in Korthia will mainly consist of idle afk time waiting for rares to spawn, which will only earn you around 1-200 additional rep.

If anybody else has any helpful suggestions, please share them as well! There may be some things I haven’t yet worked out.

Good luck with your agricultural endeavors!

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For the game World of Warcraft, write “A short guide to all of you still farming rep with the archivist codex, who may not have found out the minor methods to spend as little time as possible for as much research as possible.”

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The idea behind archivist codex is very simple: You can use DeviantArt as an archive of ~78k of art from the past. Artists share their works for free, and all you have to do is click on them and vote for them. In return, you get ~5% of the total amount of pages they have.. Read more about archivist codex rep account wide and let us know what you think.

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