To Pre-order, or not to Pre-order, that is the question

So you like to pre-order games huh? Do you like to receive a broken piece of crap in return? Maybe need that “sweet sauce” pre-order dlc?

Everyone has got different reasons to pre-order a game, maybe you want to get that exclusive dlc which only is available by pre-ordering. I think the worst offenders are the dlc which are exclusive to specific game vendors, I mean come on if I am going to buy a game I want the dlc and there should be no exclusive dlc at gamestop or whatever “stop” you order game from.

I say we should stop pre-ordering the games. Why give them your hard earned money in advance when you don’t know how the product will turn out.

“But rambler” you say, “I want to support the developer even if the game turns out crappy”. Well I don’t care how the game comes out in rating, the important thing for me is that the game shouldn’t release broken as shit or with huge day 1 patches. Case in point Batman Arkham Knight. What the hell WB? You can’t afford QA team for the PC release? You were willing to offload the port to a 12 man team. This is a very sad state of affairs.

Thank you Valve, for providing us steam refunds otherwise I think WB wouldn’t have bothered to take their game off from steam. Vote with your wallets people. Learn from  experience and don’t pre-order.

What about Kickstarter you say? Well that isn’t pre-ordering, that is crowd funding where everyone is willing to take the risk. Why take the risk in AAA title developed by a reputable developer and funded by a big publisher. Just wait for reviews and see if the game isn’t broken as shit then buy it.

Collector’s edition and limited edition are another issue as well. They won’t be available after a while because they are made in limited quantities. If you really want the exclusive physical content and really love the game then I say go for it because you won’t be able to find the collector’s edition at a good price after launch.

What do you think, comment below or tweet me or use whatever the hell you kids use these days and let me know if you agree with me or if you think I am full of shit.

/end rant


Humza Khalid

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